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Transformers The Ultimate Guide
DK Publishing
Review by Lando da Pimp

DK Publishing has produced ultimate guides for Batman, Spider-Man, and James Bond and now the Robots In Disguise has an extensive guide of their own. For fans of Transformers who live in the United States, this is a great book, however anybody who lives in Japan this book ignores the pre-US Transformers.

Transformers made their US debut in 1984 and exploded in stores and on television. The toy line became huge with every kid in America wanting one. The book gives a great synopsis of the Transformer variations over the years but focuses a too many pages on the latter incarnations for my taste.

Click to see!The book also provides a ton of original artwork with fascinating diagrams of the inner workings of Optimus Prime and Megatron. Illustrations from the comic books, as well as from the different television shows, are also included.

A selection of the characters and episodes from the television shows are looked at but with such a massive amount of characters, this easily calls for a volume 2. Most of the major characters (Optimus, Megatron, and Unicron) get a nice detailed page on the characters' history, but other characters like Starscream are barely mentioned.

Click to see!The toy section gives great information about the history of the toys including the remolding from the Japanese Toys. This is really the only history of Transformers from Japan that is given. A lot of the photographs look like they were taken from the package art. I have no clear memory of a few of the toys, which took me by surprise.

Click to see!I know a number of people love the Beast Wars Era of Transformers but I can't stand it. There's a lot on Beast Era covered in the guide, too much for my taste. The CG-series with Optimus Primal and Megatron I found to be a horrible show and made me realize how great the Generation 1 era was after reading about the Beast era.

Click to see!I never read the UK comics, which seem really great. The guide provided a number of stories I never new existed making this a true "ultimate guide". Fans that didn't grow up in the 80's will love this book since a great deal of the Transformer eras from the 90's is covered. Older fans like me will wish for more G1 Transformer information but appreciate the fact that DK Publishing tried to accommodate everybody. A great sequel to this book would be to focus on a number of the characters giving more information about the history of Soundwave, Starscream, and hell even Bumble Bee.

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If you are not a member of the message board, sign up. Under the Contests Forum there is a thread where you can post to win. Here is the official thread The thread lists the name of a Transformer. You must reply with the name of another Transformer that is on the opposite side (Autobot or Deceptagon) of the Transformer in the last post. The winner is the person who's post goes 24 hours without a reply.

Good luck.

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