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Transformers on DVD

Review by Mr. Stinkhead

Skip down to the Unicron statue pics and review.

What did you think about Transformers?

That was the question I heard the most this past summer. I have found, from both intrapersonal, and online discussions, impressions of Transformers were mixed, and deeply divided. I found people either hated it or loved it. People clung to the 80s memories, or they formed new ones. I couldn't find anyone who didn't have strong feelings about this movie. Was anyone else surprised how many girls enjoyed this movie as well?

Click to see!Personally, I enjoyed this movie. There is a concise list of things that I wish Michael Bay would have omitted, or done differently that would put this up there with some of my favorite movies of all time, but all in all, I love watching the big robot battles in my home theater. It certainly delivers. It is a little bit confusing to know which robot it which sometime, but for showing up and watching robots kick the crap out of each other, it's very entertaining. I tried, and was successful in putting aside my feelings for the original G1 stories and characters, and understood some concessions would have to be made to allow a smooth transition to the big screen. However, here is my short list of little complaints that could have been removed to make a movie I would love forever.

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  1. Optimus Prime does not have lips. You kept Peter Cullen, voice of the original Prime, that's wonderful. But why have the face plate disappear? KEEP the faceplate up. I don't understand why the faceplate was removed. I did not like Prime's face.
  2. Autobots don't lubricate on people. That joke was stupid. So was Prime saying "My bad"
  3. The "urban" vocabulary and posturing was embarrasing. But I guess Jazz will be dead in the sequel

That's it! Simply remove that crap and you'd have a perfect movie. I enjoyed the special effects, I didn't mind the human actors. The humor was decent, and the explosions and fight scenes were great. And the girls were smokin'...

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Ok, so now, let's talk about the second disc with all the bonus features. Lots of interviews and behind the scenes featurettes. If you went to BotCon (and SDCC??) look for yourself in the fan interviews. I enjoyed the people from Hasbro sharing their side of the story and development, and the ILM guys discussing how they got to the final look and feel. My favorite soundbyte was from the (female) casting director talking about Megan Fox; who said "We basically had to find the hottest 18 year old possible. I think we succeeded..." Understatement of the year. I think that iconic shot of Fox leaning over Bumblebee's engine will live on in film history.

Click to see!There is a hefty amount of bonus features to watch. As much as people loathe Michael Bay, he is hard core when it comes to "going all the way." Many of the Army extras are actual soldiers that were on the base where they filmed (or trained). When Sam is clutching to the statue at the end, there is no stunt double, no net, no bluescreen, many times throughout the movie, the terror is real, due to the "extreme" filming techniques.

If you enjoyed this movie immensely, I recommend getting the two disc set. There are no deleted scenes with robots fighting, but there is a feature length commentary. And you can see a screen test where they put Frank Welker's voice on Megatron, and then decided to go with Agent Smith.

You can pick up Transformers on DVD starting October 16 from

Web site features

  • Have Optimus Prime give your friends a call! Join the Autobot army and have Optimus Prime make the call!

  • Show your support for some of your favorite robots with the Suit Yourself website, where you can transform yourself into Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, or Blackout just by uploading a photo of yourself. You can then download your photo as a desktop wallpaper, portrait, or IM icon, send it to your friends, or even embed the photo in your website or blog.

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Click to see!Diamond Select Toys' Unicron Statue
I know, I know, this iconic statue of planet munching Unicron is based on characters and events from the original Transformers the Movie from the 80s. But I found combining (to form DEVESTATOR) these reviews based on topicality. Each one of these puppies is hand numbered, one out of 1,986 (like the year it was released...).

Click to see!First off the size is impressive. You can see it stands just shy of 9" tall. Unicron's sculpt is dead-on to the animated monstrosity. In the center is an almost 4" tall Hot Rod opening the Matrix of leadership. Bonus: He's magnetic! That's right you can pop him right in and out of the base. I wish he would stand on his own outside of the base a little better, but he pops right into position when you stick him on the base. At the front of the base are Arcee and Spike, in his transformer suit, (they are not removable) I particulary like the Quintessons dotting the base.

Click to see!This is an impressive piece, and could easily dominate as a centerpiece to any Transformer collection. This is the best representation of Unicron that I've ever seen in collectible form. The detail is a perfect level that correctly depicts the animated look, without being too simple, or overly muddled. I also like the color, it's vibrant and metallic, and fits the piece perfectly. The orange is spot perfect.

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Revoltech Optimus Prime

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