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Trekkies 2
Directed by Roger Nygard
Starring: Denise Crosby
Review by: Lando Da Pimp

Click meA scene in Trekkies 1 features a fan attending an annual Star Trek barbeque discussing that this year is different from previous barbeques. This year a girl showed up! That summarizes how many non Star Trek fans feel about Trekkies. How extreme is to extreme? Is there a line a fan can cross before they have gone to far? Trekkies 2 explores this question visiting fans around the world in different countries.

Roger Nygard directs with Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar from STTNG) returning as host interacting with the fans exploring the Star Trek phenomenon. Trekkies from other countries are not all that different from the US. In Germany a Klingon Santa Clause asks fellow fans what they want for Christmas while others enjoy a Trek themed meal including Romulan Ale. In England Tony Alleyne converted his entire flat into a space shuttle. He removed his furniture but kept the toilet (probably a smart thing to do). At the time of filming he was selling his apartment for 2 million on eBay. No word on if he sold it but he had offers. The most inspiring moment is when Roger and Denise traveled to Serbia to attend the countries first Star Trek convention ever. Here fans for the first time were able to get together and celebrate their love of Star Trek. At a convention they met up with Novi a Trekkie that enjoys drafting engineering concepts of space vehicles.

Click meDenise and Roger both catch up with two of the memorable fans from the first film. The most popular seems to be Gabriel Koerner the teenager from the first film who many fans questioned his sexual preference. That question has been answered. Gabriel is now married setteling the debate about his sex life. Gabriel remarks about his sex life by raising his eyebrows saying "Feel the Power!" Gabriel now works as a 3-D modeler for the TV series Battlestar Galactica as well as made appearances on the Drew Carrey Show. Barbara Adams (right) the Whitewater juror who wore her Star Trek uniform to court defends herself from critics who believe she just goes to far. She still continues to work for the print shop and wears her uniform everyday. While visiting with her a debate over Star Wars vs Star Trek is discussed. Here Barbara makes it known that she believes that if people followed the prime directive the world would be a better place.

Star Trek has also inspired fans to write music about the shows, characters, and the actors themselves. The Klingon Death Metal band Stovocor ( in my opinion a great name for any metal band) dress as Klingons singing songs about the great battles much like the Klingons of the show do. On the opposite end of the spectrum are FILKS (Fantasy Folk Musicians) that write folk songs based on Star Trek. An annual FILK convention happens every year!

Trekkies 2 focuses on a broader array of Star Trek fans to include the less extreme fans as well. This seems to be a way to address the criticism of the first film that the average casual fan was not showcased.

Click meNo defining answer from the fans is made as to what is extreme or not. Some believe that dressing up is extreme while others deem they are not any different from sports fans that wear their favorite teams jersey. What is very confusing to me is that some Trekkies and Trekkers call each other weird and odd. They care as to how the public thinks of certain fans. To me that is the biggest contradiction with some fans. The debate of Trekkies vs Trekkers is really a non-issue. The underlying idea is the celebration of Star Trek. I believe fans like Barbara Adams and Gabriel Koerner have a lot of courage for displaying their love of Star Trek.

Trekkies 2 continues with the spirit and fun of the first film. It has a different feel with the exploration of fans from other countries. Just like the first film though Trekkies 2 still captures the fan excitement and the creative side of the Star Trek fan.



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