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by the Princess of Power

[Ed note: Mr. Stinkhead has been extremely busy prepping for Toy Fair, so he asked his girlfriend The Princess of Power to do an article. Enjoy. Don't forget to enter the contest at the end.]

Click meI consider myself quite the Tremmette. Since the age of ten, I have believed Tremors to be one of the best films in cinematic history. Now, at age 23, Tremors 4: The Legend Begins joins the trio, creating the best quadrilogy (ok, ok fine, tetralogy... math nerd!) ever, second maybe, only to Aliens.

In 1889, in the small town of Rejection Nevada, silver miners fall prey to a new carnivore referred to as "dirt-dragons." The mine's owner, Hiram Gummer, (great-grandfather to my beloved Burt), is not about to let the monsters destroy his property, profits, or the rest of the town.

Click meTremors 4: The Legend Begins truly lives up to it's title by shedding some light on the birth of the Graboids. This new discovery is quite fitting for a prequel. In the second and third Tremors, we are introduced to the next generations and we learn the stages of metamorphosis. This cycle ends, if I'm not mistaken, with the theory that the Ass-Blasters give birth to a Graboid egg. In the prequel, we discover the truth to this idea, and we can also determine the method by which the second film proves that Graboids are Precambrian life forms, predating the fossil record.

Click meAs a Tremor afficionado, there are an abundance of scenes, quotes, and special effects that flow perfectly with the existing Tremors franchise. I especially enjoy the action sequences and special effects. Unlike many other films of the new millennium, the production of this film did not rely heavily on CGI. Instead, the same team of special effects artists continued the rubber and fiberglass look and movement of the graboids from the first film.

Another important aspect is the way in which the towns people discover the characteristics of the Graboids. It serves as a re-discovery of the basic facts we learned long ago in the original film. Tremors 4: The Legend Begins also pays homage to the second film, with the Gummer quote "I feel I've not been privy to critical, most needful information."

Michael Gross has shown such strength and growth as an actor through his work in the Tremors franchise; including his work on the Tremors TV series. Although I was thoroughly overjoyed to hear about the filming of the prequel, Tremors 4, I was even more excited to hear that, similar to the set up in Back to the Future III, they would be bringing Michael Gross back as his famous character's ancestor. Gross brings the film to life with his witty remarks, sincere pride, and of course, the unforgettable love scenes with him and his guns. Hiram Gummer reminds us of his great-grandson with the quote:

Click me"One Sharps .52-caliber buffalo rifle. One Remington .45 120 rolling block. One Henry repeater rifle. Smaller caliber, but impressive rate of fire. One eight-gauge Remington, Derringer. One L.C. Smith 10-gauge stub twist coach gun. And this! A two-inch bore punt gun!"

Although nothing compares to the original Tremors, this fourth film offers a high action, suspense-filled showdown that delivers just what we fans need 15 years later.

The Princess of Power's Tremor Contest!!

Hey dear readers, drop me an e-mail, with the answers to the question below. The winner will be randomly selected from all who answer correctly. The prize is a copy of the original classic that started it all, Tremors, on DVD, and an autographed picture of me suitable for framing.

These are some of the Princess of Power's favorite Tremors quotes. Identify which quote came from which film:

A. "I feel I was denied critical, need-to-know information."

B. "That's your job, if I need a gun fired, I hire a gunman."

C. "A lifetime of preparation, and I end up a refugee."

D. "Be advised, however, there are two more, repeat, two more Mother Humpers!"

E-mail your answers to

This Deadline has passed, congrats to the winner, Pranksster

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