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Play Stinky Elevator NOWMEG's Stink Blasters® in Stinky Elevator
by: Mr. Stinkhead

Two years ago at Toy Fair 2003, I met with MEG, a company with a new toy getting ready for shelves. Stink Blasters are repugnant little toys that stink, really bad when you squeeze their head. I love them. I was instantly inspired. I'll let you in on a little known secret, one of my hobbies is passing gas in crowded elevators. I work in a dull office all day long, something has to "break" up the monotony, I like leaving a little "present" when I get off at my floor.

BO BrianAfter sitting down and hammering out the logistics of game play; such as how long can you go without farting, what would the reactions be, how do you get points, I wrote up a proposal to pitch to the folks at MEG. Being a graphic designer, I created some sample screen shots of the characters passing gas onto unsuspecting passengers.

After getting approval to go forward with the game, I enlisted the help of fellow staffer Lando da Pimp to help me with the Flash coding. I did the artwork (with some help from Sutter) and passed them along to Lando. He and a friend got the animation, scoring and timing to work just right.

butt breath bobRight at the beginning of production, I decided we needed some good sound effects to get the reactions looking right. I invited over my brother Tuxxer to share a large ham and sausage pizza and a few beers. Micro-tape recorder in hand, and trousers loosened, we were ready for action. Ironically, there was nothing. That's right, not a single blip, toot, or stepped-on duck. If I even look at sausage, I can produce bombs that'll make your eyes crinkle and your dog run away. If I'm within 10 feet of an attractive female, my intestines taunt me with prankish pressure. However, if I kick my wife out of the apt for an afternoon, load up on cooked pig and beer, and get one silly little tape recorder ready, then I'm more still and lifeless than an ant farm left out in the sun too long.

I had always wanted to do a farting in an elevator type game, and this seemed to be the perfect marriage. Stink Blasters were just coming out on the scene, so MEG was pretty interested in this way to let people know about the characters, and what each one did.

Click hereGame play
A quick run-down... remember the target audience for Stink Blaster toys is 5 years old. You pick one of six Stink Blasters (each with a signature sound effect) and proceed to the Smellville Courthouse Elevator. There you will ride up ten floors, stopping randomly at different floors. Each stop will either have a passenger get on, or get off, you'll never know. So the goal is to let one go with the most number of people on the elevator at one time. However, there are two risks involved. First off, you can wait to see if one more passenger gets on, but at the same time, they could all technically get off at the next floor. Secondly, there is a constantly growing pressure meter. While it does improve the point value per passenger, neglect it and you will blow up and not get any points.

You get four blasts to "mark your territory" and then you're given the opportunity to send your score to a friend to see if they can do better. It's also fun to play again as different Stink Blasters to find your favorite.

Stink Blasters are available now in stores everywhere. Check out their official site to get the low down on all the different characters, more games, and fun activities. Also be on the look out for wave 2, playsets and accessories, and mini-figures available soon.

Burpin' BuddyPlay the game now.

I have a bunch of links for you now.

Master BlasterOne more anecdote for you—A couple months ago I was riding the metro in DC, and about 10-15 girls from a high school aged soccer team got on the train with me. After awhile of reading the paper, the rest of the crowd thinned down to me and the girls.
I had to fart very bad.
I did so silently, and they blamed it on one of the other girls. "Kelly" the team farter. And they went to town, punching her arm, talking about her poor body function control, etc.

"Kelly," if you're out there. Thanks for the inspiration.

All properties and images are © MEG. This review is © 2004 and may not be reproduced without permission.

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