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Waiting Unrated Two-disc DVD
Review by Mr. Stinkhead

I remember when this feature hit theaters, I thought to myself, hey there's an Office Space type movie for people that work at TGI Fridays. But I loved Office Space, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I got the opportunity to watch the unrated DVD this weekend, and found that my initial reaction was right, so I found it pretty funny. The dialogue is hilarious. It's constantly moving, and the story was a notch or two better than I expected.

If you've ever worked in the food industry, you'll be able to relate to the crap that these servers go through while wondering if the future is any brighter. The characters are delightfully exaggerated versions of real life without being obnoxious. The situations are funny without feeling like everything impossibly happens all on one day, even though that's precisely what the movie spans.

It's cool and tightly edited, and it was fun to watch. I recommend checking it out. And being like Office Space, you'll probably watch it over and over. This is one of those movies like Dazed and Confused or Billy Madison that will make it to your Sunday afternoon hangover watch list.

Besides being a sweet story with good jokes and quotable lines, it had a crazy delicious cast. I'm going to shoot you over to's entry, but from what I remember Van Wilder's Ryan Reynolds, Scary Movie's Anna Farris and Ed's Justin Long are three of the wait staff we follow. You can imagine how Anchor Man's David Koechner (Whammy) is as the over-excited Manager without a clue. The cook staff includes Boogie Nights' Luis Guzman, comedian Dane Cook, and Boston Public's Chi McBride. Andy Milonakis plays a busboy. And I have to look this up, yes, shouting constant-bitch Naiomi is played by Alanna Ubach of Beakman's World. I loved that show. There's a ton of people you'll recognize, and that just adds to the flick.

This was the unrated and raw version, so I'm not sure how much was removed for theatrical release, but we see genitals in this movie, kind of a shock, but that's part of the game. See the staff takes turns attempting to trick people into looking at their junk, in which they earn the right to kick you square in the ass depending on how gullible you were. Nice.

Check out the Official Site for awesome new additions like a Dane Cook/Andy Milonakis/Ryan Reynolds/Luis Guzman SOUNDBOARD check out hilarious jokes straight from the film!

DVD Bonus Features:

  • The Works: All Access Interactive Video Commentary
  • Sending It Back: The Real Dish on Waiting Tables
  • "That Little Extra" Documentary
  • Expanded Telestrator Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • Alternate Takes

You can pick up Waiting Unrated and Raw on

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