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The Weatherman
By Lando Da Pimp

The film The Weather Man intrigued me when I saw the trailer as to what this movie was really about. Now that it is on DVD I got a chance to find out only to discover that its really about nothing.

The Story
Nicholas Cage plays Dave Spritz, a local weatherman in his hometown of Chicago. People both love and hate him, depending on the weather of the day. If it is a nice day people are very nice to him. On bad weather days he is usually hit by fast food such as chicken nuggets and frosties. He is good at what he does, which gives him the opportunity to be a weatherman in New York.

Click for biggerHis personal life however, has not been as successful as his career. His father is dying, leaving only a matter of months for David to gain his father's respect. He is also divorced from his neurotic wife, who he desperately wants to try it with again. His daughter is teased at school for her weight and is nicknamed camel toe. His son is hanging out with his counselor who is a pedophile. These complications become hard for David as he wresltes with pursuing his career in New York City, or to remain at home with his family.

Click for biggerExtras
A nice collection of extras are included on the DVD. Features of the making of the film, character studies, and theatrical trailer.

The movie really doesn't have a story other than if the character Dave Spritz will pursue a job in New York City, or remain in Chicago to be near his family. While that may sound like a story, it isn't. This film looks at this character's life at an important turning point. Unfortunately, the film doesn't develop to where I would have hoped.

Click for biggerThe film is actually very entertaining and funny with Michael Caine giving a great performance as the father. If you are looking for a different film than what we typically get from Hollywood, this is a good Saturday night rental.

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