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Dancing Barefoot by Wil Wheaton
Reviewed by Lando da Pimp

Most people would equate the name Wil Wheaton with the movie Stand By Me, or his stint as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek TNG. Some may ask what happened to Wil? Is it the child actor curse? Will he be on Celebrity Boxing or worse The Surreal Life! So what has Wil been doing since leaving Star Trek? One word blogging.

Compiling years of blogs from his website, Wil has put together an autobiography entitled Just A Geek. Five of the stories that didn't make it for Geek have been placed in the companion book, Dancing Barefoot.

The first four stories are a collection of personal reflections from the familiar story of teenage lust to the melancholy Houses in Motion, a refection of Wheaton's deceased great aunt.

The showpiece, The Saga of Spongebob Vegas Pants, reflects on Wil's acceptance of his part in the Star Trek fandom. Legions of Trek fans who have rediscovered Wheaton as a guy or geek much like themselves. Myself included. He demonstrates this through his writing style full of idiosyncratic and sometimes self-deprecating sense of humor.

Chronicling a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, Wil lets us in on his thoughts when he meets up with the extreme Star Trek fan base. The story however is not about the horror of being a Star Trek convention guest but more about Wil's acceptance of his role and place in the Star Trek universe. The account also gives us some humorous moments including his run-ins with the most famous Enterprise captain referred to as William Fucking Shatner.

Tiger Beat!If you haven't visited Wil's website, I encourage you to check it out. I think you will discover a very funny and approachable guy who just so happened to be in movies, television, and a pinup of Tiger Beat!

I am looking forward to reading Just A Geek and see what did make it into the book. I hope Dancing Barefoot is a good sampling of what's to come. Wheaton's intimate writing style is a fresh change from the mundane, boring, kiss-ass style of other celebrities.

Read our interview with Wil Wheaton.

Dancing Barefoot can be purchased at

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