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Just A Geek
By Wil Wheaton
Publisher: O'Reilly
Review by Lando da Pimp

Last year I interviewed Wil Wheaton to discuss his first book of short stories Dancing Barefoot. Wil now has released his second book Just A Geek.

Just A Geek is a very personal look of a former child star searching to find himself after quitting Star Trek: TNG. That decision did not deliver the success that he had hoped for and it haunted him when his acting career stalled. The book focuses on his experiences moving from acting to his new career of writing and blogging on his website Geek is made up of Wil's blogging entries with commentary giving us more insight into his feelings and new perspectives on events in the last few years of his life. We get the inside look at the making of Star Trek: Nemesis where Wil was cut from his final portrayal of the role that he has struggled to finally accept. Many chapters deal with Wil's struggle of deciding that he made a mistake when he quit Star Trek.

Other stories in Just a Geek include:

  • The creation of his web site as he discovers a love of HTML, blogging, Linux

  • Wil's reaction to 9/11

  • A very funny recount of his a discussion between Wil and his Wesley Crusher action figure

  • A personal look at his family life including his wife Anne, step-children Nolan & Ryan, parents, and his Star Trek family

  • A copy of his FAQ from his web site along with select interviews

I bought several hundred dollars worth of Thin Mints to solidify my reputation as an eccentric Millionaire Playboy who hangs out at Starbucks in his Bermuda shorts.
-Wil Wheaton, Just A Geek

Just A Geek is a very personal and honest autobiography, compiled from entries on his blog, or online diary. He records his inner dialogue and the whole world can share in reading it. You also will discover that Wil is Just A Geek. His love of Sci-Fi and use of computer language / code throughout the book solidify his claim of geek-dom.

Wil's struggle with his acting career, family, financial problems, and his acceptance of Wesley Crusher is a very entertainingly funny book that this Star Trek geek enjoyed. I think Star Trek fans will enjoy this book because of the behind-the-scenes look at the Next Generation cast. But after reading this book I now feel I know who Wil Wheaton is. Not Ensign Wesley Crusher but the actor behind the rainbow spacesuit.

Wil Wheaton. Actor, Writer, Geek.

Visit, and read our in our interview with Wil Wheaton. You can also check out our review of Wil's first book Dancing Barefoot

You can buy Just a Geek from

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