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Wil Top Ten Wesley Crusher Episodes of Star Trek: TNG
Compiled by Lando da Pimp and Mr. Stinkhead

For four seasons, Wil Wheaton portrayed Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He made guest appearances during the last three seasons. Below is the ultimate guide to Wesley Crusher episodes:

10. Wesley Gets Treated Like Shit, But Not by the Fans!
Encounter At Farpoint
Season One

The USS Enterprise D is en route to pick up its last crew members to begin its first mission to Farpoint Station. On the way Picard is stopped by a godlike entity known as Q. Q places Picard on trial for the crimes against all humanity.

The series premiere is not a Wesley story line but it is our first introduction of the character. When Captain Picard first spots Wesley he yells at him to get off his bridge. Dr. Crusher proceeds to lay the smack down on Jean Luc to leave her son alone. Throughout the first season this is a reoccurring event Picard yell's at Wesley on a consistent basis. Maybe it was because of the awful rainbow color clothes he got to wear.

ugh09. Wesley Learns A Lesson About Women
The Dauphin
Season Two

Salia, an alien princess and her accompanied governess Anya board the Enterprise to travel to their home world where she will become the leader of her civilization. Salia and Wesley meet and begin spending time together. Anya warns Wesley to leave Salia alone.

Wesley later discovers that Salia is not what she seems. In fact she transforms into a disturbingly vicious looking creature. I guess women don't change no matter what century it is.

08. Shut Up Wesley!! The Continued Berating of Wesley.
Season One

Visiting his home planet, Data discovers that Dr. Soon had constructed and disassembled his "twin brother" Lore. Lore is similar to Data with one exception, a twitch. The Enterprise crew embraces Lore with open arms except for one, Wesley. Lore, jealous of Data, shuts him down and removes his uniform to pose as the Lt. Commander. Nobody notices that Lore was Data accept for the young ensign. Wesley tries to tell the crew about Lore but is met with Picard telling Wesley to SHUT UP!

07. Wesley Starts Experimenting
Remember Me
Season Four

Dr. Dalen Quaice, an old friend of Wesley's mother, boards the Enterprise on his way to his place of retirement. Thinking about Dr. Quaice's slow deteriorating memory, Beverly is trapped inside of a warp bubble that is formed by Wesley experimenting with warp fields. Slowly people start disappearing off of the Enterprise driving Dr. Crusher to the point where she thinks she has gone crazy. With the help of the Traveler, Wesley brings back his mother to reality just as the warp bubble is about to collapse. This was the second time the Traveler appeared on Star Trek TNG. He had commented a number of times that Wesley was special. But in what way?

06. Wesley is Kidnapped!!
When The Bough Breaks
Season One

Stardate 44161.2: Alien race the Aldeans, kidnap Wesley and the other children of the Enterprise. Because the Aldean have the ability to cloak their planet, Picard is forced to negotiate for the children's release. The Enterprise discovers that the Aldeans kidnapped the children because they do not have the ability to have children of their own. The energy powering their planet has caused the Aldeans to become sterile. Wesley becomes the spokesman for the children and space-aged birth control.

ugh05. The Most Disappointing Episode Title Ever
Menage a Troi
Season Three

Stardate 44161.2: Ferengi Damon Tog makes the decision that Lwaxana Troi, mother of Deanna, is the woman for him. Lwaxana turns down Tog forcing the Ferengi to kidnap her, Will, and Deanna. About to leave for Starfleet Academy, Wesley makes the decision to forgo the opportunity and help locate a Ferengi ship. Because of his unselfishness, Picard promotes Wesley from an acting ensign to a real Starfleet ensign. Nudity ensues, but it will scar you for life.

04. The Execution of Wesley Crusher?
Season One

Stardate 41255.6: While visiting the lush paradise world of the Edo civilization, [Ed note: no relation to Emo] Wesley breaks the law by his inability to play catch. While playing with the other children, (Note that these children look to be in their 20's and are half naked) Wesley crashes into a greenhouse located in an area that he shouldn't have gone (Uncle Cheech's Special Herbs and Spices, wink wink). Wesley is sentenced to death for this horrible deed. Picard is now put into the dilemma of breaking the prime directive or letting Wesley die. Wesley Crusher is my anti-drug.

03. Wesley Explores Himself
Journey's End
Season Seven

Stardate 47751.2: On a sabbatical from Starfleet Academy, Wesley returns to the Enterprise to visit with his mother before he graduates. However Wesley is troubled about whether or not he has made the right decisions in his life. In the meantime Picard is forced to remove a colony of Native American Indians who have settled on a planet in the Cardassian territory. The Indians, tired of the crackers forcing them off their land fight back to protect what they hold sacred. Wesley joins the fight for land, later to realize that the Traveler (see. Episode Remember Me Season Four) has been guiding Wesley to use his special gifts. At the end of the episode Wesley leaves with the Traveler not to be seen until the movie Star Trek: Nemesis. But because Wil's lines were cut we don't know has happened or what Wesley has been up to.

dirty02. Wesley Saves the Day Against an Evil Force Field
Final Mission
Season Four

Stardate 44307.3: Wesley has been accepted into Starfleet Academy. On his way to the academy Wesley accompanies Picard on a trip with an independent miner, Captain Dirgo, to settle a dispute between mining colonies. En route the ship breaks down landing on a desolate planet. Meanwhile the Enterprise is unable to search for the trio because they are attempting to move an abandoned freighter containing radioactive material that is endangering a nearby planet. Wesley and Dirgo help Picard, who's hurt, to a nearby cave. A convenient water source is protected by a force field making it impossible to drink. Dirgo, who has no patience, is killed attempting to shoot the force field. Wesley uses his brain, disables the field, and saves Picard. Before they are rescued, Picard confides to Wesley that he thinks of him as a son. I wonder if he is So Very Gentle.

[Ed note: When, in the history of time and space, has shooting a forcefield ever been successful?]

© IMDb.com01. Wesley Makes Out With Pure Hotness, Ashley Judd!
The Game
Season Five

Stardate 45208.2: On leave from Starfleet, Wesley makes a visit to the Enterprise where he meets Ensign Lefler (The incredibly hot Ashley Judd). Wesley and Lefler become suspicious of a holographic game that Riker picked up on Risa . People start ignoring their duties and focusing completely on this game. [Ed Note: A tale all too prophetic.] At the same time, Data is mysteriously shut down. Wesley and Lefler figure out that Data was sabotaged because of his immunity to the game and must reactivate him to save the crew. Why was this episode considered the best Wesley Star Trek episode ever? Because Wil Wheaton makes out with the incredibly hot Ashley Judd. This was also Ashley's first on-screen kiss. How many people get to proclaim that!

[Ed Note: We know there is another first on-screen kiss that Judd experienced, but it's way too expensive on eBay.]

Read out interview with Wil, and see our review of his book, Dancing Barefoot

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