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You Are Alone
by Mr. Stinkhead

I was offered the chance to review You Are Alone recently. I hadn't heard of this film, and it didn't get wide release in theaters, but I thought I'd give it a chance. It won some awards in the independant film festival circuit, and it had a premise that intrigued me. The problem was that I had the hardest time suspending disbelief. I felt like I was watching some friend's video of his cousin's comunity theater performance. I just could not associate with either character, and we share common ground.

18 year old Daphne deals with her depression by being a self employed prostitute to the suburbs. Then her middle-aged neighbor, Buddy, recognizes her as the course d'jour at his nephew's bachelor party. She agrees to do whatever he wants for one hour in exchange for his silence. The script gets pretty soul-searchy, and is heavily dialogue driven. Creative editing helps move along the pace, but I just could not get into either performance.

Issue number one is that the film took itself too seriously. It wanted to be American Beauty. Writer/director Gorman Bechard presents something he thinks is incredibly deep and multi-layered. I admit, I was surprised by the ending, but instead of being amazed, I see another M. Night Shamalamadingdong. Not so much presenting over the top suspense and hoopla for a shitty "twist", but there is this build up for this incredible realization, but while I'm watching the movie, all I'm left feeling is that's it?. Actually, the ending helped notch up my impression of the overall movie by at least two points, but the whole time I'm watching it, I was squirming.

I don't know if it was the skill of the actors or Bechard's direction, but I really didn't buy that these two people were really showing each other (or more importantly, me, and the audience) their souls. All I see are actors reading lines.

A lot of people did like this movie. Maybe they were touched in some manner I wasn't. I do believe you'll see Jessica Bohl some more. She does have potential. I could easily see her getting a more mainstreamed Hollywood role, and then IMDb-ers digging up this flick.

Here's the info we received:
Gorman Bechard's breathtaking film is a dark and sexually charged exploration of just how far a jaded middle-aged man and a depressed 18-year-old girl will go to escape loneliness, if even for an hour. This internationally acclaimed movie was officially selected at 16 film festivals, and won the following awards:

  • Brooklyn International Film Festival -Best Actress
  • Indiefest Chicago - Best Actress
  • Indiefest Chicago -Best Screenplay
  • Indiefest Chicago -Best Vision Award
  • Northampton Independent Filmfest -Best Narrative Feature
  • New England Film & Video Festival - Best Narrative Feature

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