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SpacerClick for DVD specs Kaiju Big Battel!
Terebi Sento DVD Contest

You've been patient, and now we are happy to promote the all new Kaiju Big Battel DVD Terebi Sento!

The 60-minute DVD marks the first national release in Kaiju Big Battel's cult history. Available now for pre-order (shipping Sept 30), there is a free screening in Boston on Friday Oct 3, Midnight, at Coolidge Corner Theatre (see details at the bottom)

We want to give you one for free
In conjunction with Studio Kaiju, we are giving away two Terebi Sento DVD prize packs. So that's two contests (enter both as many times as you'd like) we're hooking you up with at once. The power of the Kaiju cannot be contained in one contest.

  • Contest A
    Kreate Your Own KAIJU Kontest
    Get your pen and paper ready, send us a picture of your very own Kaiju Kreation. Tell us his/her powers, weaknesses, allies, and foes. Pictures of you in costume are a plus (but not necessary). Check out the Kaiju Bio section for details on each of the Kaiju monsters, this is the type of info we're looking for from you. Come up with and submit as many monsters as you'd like.

  • Contest B
    Kaiju T-Shirt Korner
    One of the perks of the Kaiju universe is the swag. Check out all the cool Kaiju gear that's available. Create your own t-shirt with a slogan and/or illustration. Come up with and submit as many t-shirt ideas as you'd like.

The Prizes
The judged upon winner of each contest will take home a Terebi Sento DVD, and ...

  • Real Meat of Multi-Moog
  • Kaiju Big Battel Rubbel from Philly Factory Fighto (PFF) ID# 393
  • Referee Jingi moustache (for adult use only, use with care)
  • Assortment of fridge magnets
  • Buttons! Los Plantanos, Crossbones Cube, and Kaiju Big Battel
  • So many stickers, I can't count em. Cube, Kaiju, vinyl, silver, etc.... more than a middle school girl's binder, but less glittery
  • Short stack of Cube in star temporary tattoos
  • Loads of Dr. Cube propoganda tracts
  • Huy Sumosonic.12 DVD sampler
  • Doghouse Records CD Sampler (including a track from Sunday Driver (see our interview)

If you haven't already, join the Message Board (it's free). Post your entries in the official thread. The MPb staff will vote upon the winner of each contest from the entries posted in the message board thread. All decisions made by the MPb staff are final. All entries submitted become property of Studio Kaiju. If you need assistance with image hosting, e-mail us at, and we can help you out.

The deadline is October 10th, so get crackin'.

Any questions will be fielded in the official thread.

Kaiju and You
You may be one of the few who has not been introduced to the world of Kaiju Big Battel. The Big Battel is an epic battle between good and evil. Forces looking to conquer the earth fight with the very heroes that would save us. Jager and Mr. Stinkhead attended. the Philly Factory Fighto earlier this summer. Check out our coverage and photos.
For the naive: The live event consists of wrestlers in rubber monster suits decking each other out in elaborate matches. They're surrounded by miniature buildings which they smash up during the fight. This is one of the sweetest things you can ever witness in person. It's more miraculous than the miracle of child birth. Only slightly less disturbing though. Read our article.

  • Boston
    Oct 3, Friday, 12 Midnight, at Coolidge Corner Theatre
    All ages
    290 Harvard St., Brookline MA
    Info: 617-734-2500,

  • New York
    at Anime Next
    October 3, Friday

  • Washington, D.C.
    Anime USA Saturday November 22

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