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Boom Boom Multi-Box
reviewed by Mr. Stinkhead

Boom Boom Multi-BoxDreamGEAR just sent us their Boom Boom Multi-Box; a portable, water resistant sound system. Essentially it's a water-tight container for any portable sound device (such as a Discman®, iPod® or other small device) with an amplifier and built in speakers. Have you ever plugged in your computer speakers to your Walkman to share what you're listening to? I have, and it's a mess to carry around. Your portable device straps into the interior, and gives you a handy case to carry around. Here's the kicker. It's water resistant so you can use it in the shower.

The kit itself measures 6.5" wide by 7.5" tall, around 3" deep. It has a sturdy handle at the top and three secure latches around the edges to keep your MP3 player from getting soggy (be sure to undo all three latches before screaming about how hard it is to open). It comes with a hook attachment that lets you hang the handle from your shower nozzle.

Open Boom BoomThe amplifier takes 4 AA batteries. The amplifier isn't necessary, however. You can unplug the speakers from the amp (1) and stick it directly into the head-phone jack of your sound unit (2). However, it sounds a bit better when you utilize the extra power. Consider turning it up to 11. This thing gets some decent power, so you can clearly hear it over the water stream, the fan, and the stinking train that comes by my apt. every stinking 20 minutes. The only thing missing here is an external volume control. So set the volume (3) you like before latching it closed and getting wet.

The velcro strap keeps your player secure, and will fit everything from a bulky tape player to a slim iPod®. There is even space below where the player sits to store 3 CDs.

Here's what I like:
This thing packs some power... I rarely get the desired outcome from the ole computer-speakers in the walkman trick. Think camping trips, staying in a hotel, car trip in your buddy's car that has no sound system, etc. This sounds good outside, in a small room, or a shower.

It's compact for carrying around, and works in the shower... I like being able to listen to music without dragging my 3-disc changer stereo into the bathroom each morning. And there are no wires to fuss with once it's closed up. Nobody likes to see me fussing.

It works with your existing hardware. Without including the sound device, you're utilizing something you've already bought, and you're only paying for speakers here.

What I wished it had:
Like I said before, you can't open and close it very easily with wet fingers, I understand the need to keep your electronic equipment secure, so I wish there was an external volume control. However, you won't need to alter the volume after you set it and start showering. Unless, of course the phone rings or your girlfriend starts yelling about you leaving your towel on the floor. I'm still in the freaking shower, how do you know I'm going to leave my towel on the floor?

So I'm impressed I've never bought a water-resistant sound system in the past because it was either too expensive, or the product only played CDs (or radio or tapes) and sometimes I'm not all that exclusive to my listening formats.

How much does it cost? Normal retail is $19.99. I'd say it's worth it. Also, this is a pretty good gift idea. Practically everyone you know has some type of portable device that would use this. Portable sound device. I don't want to know what other portable devices your friends are into.

Check out their website for more info, and here is some Millionaire Playboy recommended bachelor pad music for listening to.

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