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Lando da Pimp

The Buzzers over at Raving Toy Maniac's Toy Buzz set up August 30th to be "Show off your collection" day. Here is Lando da Pimps' secret hide out. Stay tuned for other MPb staffer's rooms in the next few months.

Lando moved into his new place just a few months ago. It's amazing he's got this set up going already. His attic is completely dedicated to his toy collection. There is still a respectable amount of the collection in boxes someplace.

Click to see! Left side of attic. MOC Star Wars on the wall. See that AC? Doesn't work very well...
Click to see! Right side of attic. More MOC Star Wars on the wall and life-sized standee of Darth Maul.
Click to see! LEGO set-up including Cloud City, Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighter, Hogwarts Castle, Knight Bus, and Doc Ock hide-out.
Click to see! LEGO X-Wing
Click to see! Life-size Boba Fett and Swanson Solo Dinner, various Star Wars figures, opened and MOC, light sabres (from my wedding), Muppets, Star Trek, WWE, and DC carded.
Click to see! Closer look at the Shelf o' Fett (including original 1980's version)
Click to see! General Lee, David Hasslehoff, BTTF Delorean, Karate Kid, Kevin Kostner, and Marky Mark
Click to see! Closer shot of the General.
Click to see! Newer Leonardo, and Star Trek figs.
Click to see! Star Wars wall, and The Batman batcave.
Click to see! Metallica stage, Adventure Kermit, and Homies® listen in.
Click to see! Interactive Yoda, Olsen Twin, naked thing, Toy Fair Gonzo, Ephant Man, and Tiki Mon
Click to see! Close-up of one of the Star Wars walls
Click to see! What's in this trunk? Hmmm, I wonder....

Stay tuned as Mr. Stinkhead, Jager, Guyver and other MPb staffer share their space in the months to come.

All images ©2004

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