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SpacerNew York Comic Con 2007
by Tuxxer

Check out the photo gallery full of Cosplay pics and vinyl toys.

click here to seeIt was my pleasure to attend the 2007 Comic Convention this weekend; a Mecca for geeks, nerds and dorks of all stripes. Wear the badge with pride, men.

Nearly every comic label you've ever heard of was in attendance. All were promoting their newest books, some were accepting submissions, and much shop was talked. (I was pleased to see Marvel doing artist portfolio evaluations. A word of encouragement or constructive criticism could make all the difference to a struggling freshman.)

click to seeOther juicy nuggets to be found: I got to try out the new TMNT game, which won't be released until March. It looks great. Other games being developed include a Godzilla-fighting game for Nintendo Wii, and a Swashbuckling pirate game for the PC. Both looked very cool.

click to seeThere were plenty of cosplayers, folks walking around in their home-made costumes. An entire squadron of Star Wars lovers formed their own league, NYJedi. They staged a number of choreographed fights that were impressive...most impressive. Conveniently enough, the maker of many of their blades, Advanced Light Weaponry, was there. I saw these sabers in action, they can take a beating. They light up, make the noises, the blades are removable...the ultimate prop for any Star Wars fan with a disposable income.

click to seeIt was cool seeing Mezco's Goonies. We got to peep them at Toy Fair two weeks ago, but we couldn't shoot em. These are going to be sweet. Speaking of sweet, I ran into Unemployed Skeletor, you should check out his Video Blog of Evil.

click to seeCelebrities were on hand to sign autographs, a squad of volunteer Stormtroopers held the line to keep people moving along around Stan Lee. (I don't know how he got in, but I met a guy who said "Who's Stan Lee?" What that guy was doing there, I can't imagine.)

Freebies were tossed to the masses, wares were bought and sold, and o the discounts. It was a sight to behold. Can't wait for next year.

Check out all of our pics!

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