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Subscribe to MPb's Very Own PodcastEpisode 20: Jasman's Halo 3 style Laser tag
with your host, Mr. Stinkhead

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Jasman Toys made these high quality replica guns from Halo 3. The first thing you notice is how solid they are. They are expertly detailed, and have authentic lights and sounds when you fire. I also love the "kick" you get when you fire. The laser lite target has a belt clip and six shots. After six successful hits, you're dead, but you can "regenerate" if you can go about 20 seconds without getting hit.

The guns also feature a digital "ammo" read out, and a reload button you gotta hit after you empty. Also, both guns feature a "blow out" mode where a panel or two will pop out after the gun overheats (like after a built-up charge from the pistol). You must then reclose the panels and wait a few seconds before you're able to continue shooting. Nice touch.

The pistol trigger can be held in and then fired for a large blast that takes out 3 lights in your opponents target. The rifle can fire in rapid fire mode, to really mow down the other guy.

I like the fact that these are well built Halo replicas first, laser tag guns second. Not only are you getting a cool prop from the game, but there is an interactive element. They are a little on the pricey side however, the Plasma rifle is $120, and the Pistol is $70. (and you obviously need two guns to use the laser tag element).

You can find more photos and products of these at Jasman's official site These (and the upcoming power sword) are available at Hot Topic.

If you like this type of game, also check out our review of Jumpin' Banana's Shocking Laser tag style toys. They deliver a real electric shock after each hit.

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