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Mr. Stinkhead

Updated 08.19.05

Click to see! When you're first coming down the stairs, you pass by my gallery of vintage cheesecake albums.
Click to see! But as you head down the stairs, you'll really notice my five and a half foot tall playmobil viking. Print on the left is from friend Sutter.
Click to see! This is my complete collection of Xevoz. That is one of each figure produced.
Click to see!Click to see!Click to see!
Click to see!Click to see!Click to see!
Click to see! Across from that are my credentials for ministry. Thank you Internet.
Click to see! Here is Iron-Cow's poster, Online Heroes, done in the style of Batman The Animated Series. I'm on there. Cool!
Click to see! When you first walk in, to your left is my playmobil display.
Click to see! The middle is my favorite, the Incan temple. Above that are my knights, but those aren't set up yet.
Click to see! Golden Nugget Saloon (with call girl!) and McLaren's Goldmine.
Click to see! My pirate ship and pirate jail. Arrrrrrrrrrr.
Click to see! Not quite finished, but this includes the executioner, viking, Fire Wizard, devil, ninja, centaurians, Haz-Mat crew and injured boy.
Click to see! The leisure world features the large keg, drunken hobo and porta-potty.
Click to see! Next to the playmobil are my Masters of the Universe
Snakemen, villians, and heroic warriors. Slime pit and Castle Grayskull
Click to see! Armies of Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings), and then all my Batman figures, including Bat Signal Batman from overseas, and a classic MEGO Batman from Lando and Jager.
Underneath them are the recent Ninja Turtles, Art Asylum's Kirk and Khan, and McFarlane's Robocop.
Click to see! DC Minimates (C3) and my classic 1989 Batmobiles. The die-cast one is uber-sweet, but the Toy Biz one is a classic.
Click to see! More Batmobiles, including The Batman's and Batman Begins' Batmobiles.
Click to see! Temporary home of the Alien Mez-Its
Click to see! Mantle above the wood-burning fireplace. The metal MPb logo is courtesy of Jager. I have to say that was one of the most kick-ass presents ever.
Be sure to visit
Click to see! Here is my new Transformers shelf. There are Mega-Man action figures above (from and Stikfas figures below. The Stikfas were from Some of the Transformer Alternators were from
Check out 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime and the Alternators reviews.
Click to see! At the other end of the mantle is my modest collection of vinyl figures. I'm really digging the Retro Roto figures from Jazwares.
Click to see! That's James "Roscoe" Best, Adam "Batman" West, Chuck Barris, Dr. Ruth and Buzz Aldren
Click to see! That's Homies artist, David Gonzales, Jim Lee's Batman head-shot and an original TMNT animation cel.
Click to see! Assorted knick nacks, including the Back to the Future DeLorean, Shockini, Kubricks, Toy Godd designed Qees and my favorite McDonalds Happy Meal toys, ever.
Click to see! Standing next to the mantle you would see my MPb banner from the Ka-Pow BQ, my computer, and my time-zone clocks.
Click to see! I have seven clocks on the bulkhead, each set to a different time zone. El Segundo, California is the HQ for Mattel; Oak Brook, Illinois is the home to McDonalds, and Pawtucket, Rhode Island is Hasbro. Greenwich is for Greenwich Mean Time (as in GMT)
Click to see! Next to the computer is my trusty Batphone, and above that, most of the carded toys I have. The shadow box in the top left is a piece of wall debris, from a Kaiju Big Battel, signed by the creator, Rand. You'll also see an Ultima Online figure signed by Todd McFarlane
Click to see! On the other side of the banner is my bookshelf with light-up Lounge sign. I need to re-take this shot, but you can see the Marvel Minimates I have.
Click to see! In this older picture, my Xevoz lived up top, followed by the Pigs in Space (and Toy Fair exclusive Gold-Tux Gonzo
Click to see! Assorted Star Wars figures and carbonite freeze playset.
Click to see! McFarlane shelf has the old Frankenstein monster playsets, Cy-Gor (II), 3 Nitro Riders, VooDoo Queen and Where the Wild Things Are figure.
Click to see! I fell in love with this clock while in Paris, but never got it. My wife surprised me with it on our anniversary. Each one of those gears move, at different speeds. It's kind of hypnotic.
Click to see! Almost forgot... this playmobil native behind glass is from the 1983 McDonalds promotion. There was a voluntary recall because the pieces that came with this set were a choking hazard. Because of this specific promotion, McDonalds, and all other fast food chains, began offering a separate toy for children under 3.

Check out Lando's Pad and stay tuned for more MPb staffers share their collections.
And swing by to see more toy collections.

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