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The Pad

Click to learn more about Invader ZIMM and the Princess of Power We are going to try and help transform your hovel into a swingin' bachelor pad... or at least start you on the right path.

  • Mr. Stinkhead shows off his collection in his secret lair aka, the Batcave

  • Lando shares his personal space and his collection

  • Trying to score with the ladies? Let's spruce up your Dorm Room in the first of three installments of How to get lucky in college.

  • Once you get her back, you need some good Make Out Music. Advice from our female writer I Heart Cake

  • Part of having your own place is throwing a killer party. Visit the MPb 2003 Tiki Jam for helpful hints.

  • Check out the water resistant Boom Boom Multi-Box for your portable sound device. It will encourage her to stay and shower at your place.

  • We show you how to make your Fallout Shelter cool and swingin' just like Saddam Hussein's

  • Check out this swingin' martini olive candle

  • Here's some cool new swag to put up around your humble abode.

  • Check out what Mr. Stinkhead does with old record albums.

  • See our review of Pad: The Guide to Ultra-Living for some other cool tips. This book is sweet.

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