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The AVO Robusto
With Lando da Pimp

click herePortraying the lifestyle of a Millionaire Playboy isn't easy. There are many standards of living that need to be addressed. One of the most important is smoking the right cigar. If you are new to the world of cigars here is some basic information on becoming a cigar aficionado.

To portray the millionaire lifestyle you must make sure you smoke nothing but premium cigars. How do you tell what is a premium cigar? A premium cigar is made and rolled by hand. Premium cigars are made up of three parts - the filler, the binder, and the wrapper. The interior of the cigar is called the filler. Tobacco leaves are handled with great care when they are picked, stored, and aged intact. Rolling a cigar takes great skill to insure that it burns evenly and smoothly. The binder is made up of several layers of leaves encircling the spirals of filler. The filler and binder form the cigar so that the wrapper can be applied last. The wrapper is a high quality tobacco leaf that is very supple and flawless.

LandoDon't look at your local Rite-Aid® for a premium cigar. Most drug store cigars are machine made and include non-tobacco ingredients such as paper. Premium cigars are only made up of tobacco. Cigars are like a fine wine. They are very hard to come by and very expensive. Drug store cigars are like wine in a box, cheap and classless. You can find premium cigars at a local cigar store that has an enclosed humidor room.

LandoNow that you know what a premium cigar is you must determine what type to purchase. AVO Cigar Company was gracious enough to send us samples of their AVO Robusto for us to try out. As a personal preference I have found AVO cigars to be in my top five favorite premium cigars.

Stinkhead and TuxxerAVO's are a perfectly balanced blend of five different tobaccos, mostly from the Dominican Republic. The blends of tobaccos create a rich, flavorful, yet mild cigar with a captivating aroma. I find it to have an almost earthy taste. The name robusto comes from the cigar shape. A robusto cigar is about 5 inches in length and a ring gauge or diameter of about 48 (3/4 inch). The smoking time is anywhere between 25-40 minutes.

AVO is currently having a great promotion to sample their new AVO Classic Robusto cigar. Click here for more information.

Now that you have the opportunity to smoke a premium cigar it is very important to know how to store cigars. Because cigars are a natural product they must be kept humidified. The most affective storage device is a humidor. It is necessary to have a good humidification control system. The standard for cigar storage is 70% relative humidity. An un-humidified cigar will dry out in as little as a day. When a cigar dries out, the essential oils in the tobacco evaporate. The oils are what give a cigar its flavor and aroma.

Click meIf you are like me and don't own a humidor than you must find other ways to store your cigars. I regularly only buy cigars in small quantities, keeping me from having to store cigars over a long period of time. However I have had a few occurances where I have bought sample packs of cigars to try a variety of types. AVO Cigars also sell sample packs of their different types of cigars. Here are a few tips on storing cigars without a humidor. Never store cigars in the refrigerator or freezer. If you live in a humid climate like Florida, your cigars will probably not dry out, but they can become over humidified, soft and moldy. If you live in an arid climate like New Mexico, your cigar will turn crispy and dry in a day. One method is to place your cigars in Tupperware with a moist paper towel or piece of fruit. AVO also carries a collection of humidors. They can range in price from $165.00 to $7,000.00.

Slicing the tipWhen you are ready to smoke your cigar make sure you are properly prepared. The first thing you need is a cigar cutter. A cigar cutter is a tool used to open the cigar just enough to create a thick and satisfying puff but also to leave the cigar intact. Biting the end of the cigar will cause the wrapper to unwrap leaving you with an unraveling portion of the cigar. There are a variety of cutters to accomplish this task, but they all have the same basic function - to puncture or remove a portion of the cap.

Lighting the cigarWhen lighting your cigar pay attention to the fuel and the flame. The fuel must be a clean burning fuel such as butane. A majority of lighter fuels give off a chemical or kerosene-like odor that will alter the taste of your cigar. The lighter should provide a large enough flame to light the entire end, or foot, of the cigar. The flame from a disposable lighter is typically too small. The "blowtorch" style lighters are preferred because they will burn at an extremely high temperature and stay lit even in strong winds.

Puncturing the tipNow that you have a basic knowledge about cigars you're taking your first step to being a Millionaire Playboy cigar aficionado. Be sure to take AVO up on their promotion and try out their Robusto line. For more information on AVO cigars please visit their website at

Special thanks to Jolene Mauer at AVO Cigars

TuxxerTuxxer smokes the AVO Robusto
The first thing I noticed about this well-constructed cigar is the draw. The draw is the amount of work needed to take in a whole mouthful of smoke. The wrapper is a pleasant light brown, smooth and apparently flawless, which made for an even burn. The wrapper was also not too oily. The level of moisture in a cigar is vital, both to long-term containment and when you decide to smoke it. While lighter-colored wrappers can indicate a mild cigar, this was not the case. The cigar had a light, sharp, and somewhat spicy flavor, with very little aftertaste. The smoke was full and thick, always a good thing.

This cigar is great for outdoors, or perhaps for after dinner. Its flavor would compliment coffee as well.

Robusto!AVO Cigars is currently running a promotion to try out their new Classic Robusto cigar featured in our cigar lifestyle article. For only $2.00 you can try out the cigar for yourself. Believe me you will be happy you did. Here is the lowdown:

Sample the World's Finest Cigar!

AVO Cigars has begun a nationwide sample promotion for the new AVO Classic Robusto cigar. Consumers 21 years of age or older can log onto to request an AVO Classic Robusto cigar. A $2.00 promotional fee applies and payment is by major credit card only. The AVO Classic Robusto sample offer runs through 12/31/03 or while supplies last.

The AVO Classic series was the first of five AVO cigar lines. Mild yet flavorful, the Classic series is the foundation on which Avo built his family of cigars. The careful blending of five different tobaccos creates a cigar rich in flavor, mild in body and delightfully aromatic. The filler and binder tobaccos are Havana seed grown in the Dominican Republic and the wrapper is Connecticut shade. The AVO Classic Robusto is 5 inches long with a 50 ring gauge.

For more information visit

Avo in his field

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