Free Printable Display Backdrops

I’ve designed these playmobil themed backdrops that you can print and tile as wide as you need. I specifically intended them to fit the streamlined aesthetic of the playmobil world, but I found they work well with many other types of action figures. Click to check em all out!

You may download and print these as you choose, but you may not host or distribute these without specific permission from (or

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print these files.

Click to download Arctic-style mountain peaks, northern lights, great for the Dinosaur excavation sets or Eskimos.
click to download Water and sky, perfect for pirate ships, Noah’s Ark, modern boats, or island castaway.
click to download Tropical cove. Perfect for pirate ship, modern boats, outdoor leisure
click to download Treeline at sunset, great for the castle and viking themes, city sets, outdoor leisure, etc.
click to download Desert sunset. Great for the Old West / Native American playsets. Could be used with outdoor leisure sets too.
click to download Space ship interior. Great for Playmospace. Also, flip it updside down for taller (non-playmobil) space themed action figures.
click to download Planet surface. For use with playmospace sets.
click to download City windows. Good for offices and city playsets. Modern home furniture.
click to download Rooftop. Great for fire/police, and other super-hero action figures that long to look over their fair city.
click to download Audience of playmobil citizens. Great for the circus, television studio or stage performers.
click to download Sewer. Perfect for Ninja Turtles.
(Currently prints out better on ink jet than color laser)

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