2011 UglyDoll Products


Action Figure Series 3 is here! Grab the complete set! Now in bold photo packaging that captures your favorite Ugly’s at play!

Babo’s Bird, Kaiju Ice-Bat, Ket, Nandy Bear, Ninja Batty Shogun and Pointy Max are all included, each available in 2 colors. All new! All Ugly! Packaged in a clear window box so you can see the action!

Each towers 3 inches tall! Start Collecting!

Ages 4+



Groody™ is a pretty relaxed, easy going, energetic, stressed out, moody broody mess! AAAAHHHH! Did I just close that door? It was a ghost! Did I close the garage door? Did I send that e-mail to the wrong person!!!??? You get the picture…which is exactly why Groody™ has chosen you to be his pal. If you are willing to help him on his quest for inner peace he will help you on your quest for whatever dealio you got going. His first though.

Available in April in 4 sizes!
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