2021 Harrisburg Comic and Pop Con

The Harrisburg Comic and Pop Con went off this weekend at the Mall in Harrisburg, Pa. Covid precautions were recommended and it felt like a safe environment to hunt pop culture goodies. Cast members from The Land Before Time films were on hand for autographs and a panel, and there were lots of photo opportunities. I took a handful of pics and and snagged a personal grail. Click below to see more!
I cosplayed as Louis Tully (the Keymaster) from Ghostbusters. I chose to wear a mask indoors so I paired up my Alfred E Neuman face mask. I typically have a pretty good Rick Moranis expression locked and loaded for photos, but I let the mask do the work this time. I was psyched that the Central PA Ghostbusters were on hand with their Ecto-1B vehicle. They also had a life-size terror dog (Nice pooch!), Slimer, and gigantic Stay Puft for photo ops. The ‘Busters I talked to were accommodating, and enjoyed seeing my Keymaster cosplay.
Speaking of special guests, I also enjoyed that the Pennsylvania Capitol Police were on hand. They did a K9 demonstration. Which, when I heard them announce it, I first thought that would feature a dog taking down a “perp” wearing one of those safety padded dog-bite suits. But instead the demo showed us how a K9 sniffs out illegal drugs in a stopped vehicle. Still cool! But I really wanted to see someone looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man getting thrown to the ground. Maybe next year.
I looooove when conventions set up photo opportunities. When they bring props and backdrops to let you occupy the scene and actually touch something, its so much more satisfying than a green screen. The first Star Wars prop I had to try was the full scale Speeder Bike courtesy of PA Chewbacca. My son and I had fun riding on that for pics. BUT, man oh man, did I loooove grabbing both handles of their full scale E-Web heavy blaster like the one used in the Battle of Hoth in Empire Strikes Back. I’m not traditionally a “gun guy” but I could not help myself from pew-pew-pewing for a good five minutes.
My son and I both were very happy with the scores we got. I was on the look out for vintage MAD magazines, my son was looking for Pokemon card singles (or good deals on blind packs) and he was thrilled to find a few vendors with binders of shiny goodness. Me, I asked pretty much every vendor if they had any vintage MADs. (One of my methods is looking for comic boxes that are extra wide for magazines). One guy recalled he did have a vintage MAD, issue #12, one of the early comics prior to their switch to magazine format. I was thrilled. I think my lucky Alfred E mask helped me that day.
We weren’t able to stick around for the cosplay contest, but we enjoyed seeing a decent percentage of attendees were in cosplay. I stopped every Ghostbuster I found for a selfie, but I also snagged a few photos of the cosplay that really impressed me. Maybe next year I’ll stick around for the contest. But it was great seeing so many people get in the spirit and dress up like their favorite pop culture characters. Make sure to check out the gallery below for some of these photos.
There were a handful of panels available, and several celebrities doing photo ops and autographs including voice actors from the Land Before Time series, WWE wrestlers, and comic and cosplay personalities. We didn’t get to any panels this year, but I hope to have some time to check out a few next time.
I try not to call out specific vendors in my con coverage, but I love the artists and engineers selling 3D prints. I’m not ready to pull the trigger on buying my own 3D printer quite yet, but I love seeing all the cool things that can be printed. This vendor had NERF blaster modifications, dice towers, and these sick lightsabers. I bought a pair, and my son and I had a huge duel on our lawn after we got home. The 3D printed hilt holds a 1/2″ diameter PVC pipe, and that is surrounded by pool noodle. We could really wail on each other, more so than with the toy lightsabers we’ve gotten in the past. We didn’t have to hold back any of our blows.
There’s more photos in the gallery below. Keep an eye on the Four State Con website for more information on next year’s cons. Their next show is in Hagerstown, MD in April.

2021 Harrisburg Comic Con

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