STRANGEco’s Arkski by Nathan Jurevicius


We all know “THE mom” who can do everything. Kids need picked up after school? No problem. Soccer practice? No problem. Craft fair, dinner, pack the lunches, clean up, read a book, bathe the baby, find the remote, balance the budget, and take the pet to the vet? Easy. The newest member of the Minitreehouse series pays tribute to the fine women who never let their loved ones down. She’s Arkski, the Super Mom! STRANGEco is continuing the Minitreehouse series from Nathan Jurevicius’ wild imagination and she fits right into the style of the existing toys.


I love the simple style of this toy. It’s a very clean design, almost like the artist kept removing details until he had just exactly what he needed to portray the character and nothing extra. The round head is offset by the small feet and the huge eyes made from perfect circles tell you this is one alert mamma. The perfect symmetry of the head is thrown off by her nose, and the body is made more interesting with her backpack. Speaking of the backpack, there’s a baby in there! Super Mom comes with the backpack, a metal necklace, and a little toddler. The same design is in all three family members which makes a nice display with the echoing eyes from one toy to another. Arkski has 3 points of articulation at the tail and neck. The neck articulation is really nice in that it twists above and below the scarf. This lets you turn her head as well as position the scarf in the direction you think the wind is blowing. Her oldest has two points of articulation at the neck and tail. This adds some dimension to your poses, for sure.


Arkski comes in three versions: Super Mom (light pink), Sky Navigator (darker pink), and Night Edition (black and glow). Seen here are Super Mom and Night Edition. Super Mom is described above, while Sky Navigator has a helmet, wings a compass necklace. The Night Edition has a fantastic black/gray/glow palette and comes with the accessories of both Arkskis! This is a really fantastic rendition of this character. I love the use of the glow on the eyes of all three kitties, and helmet puts off a nice solid glow. Speaking of the helmet, I was very surprised when I found it was a soft rubber, not hard plastic. This lets it fit snugly over her head and taper down toward her neck. Otherwise it would have to snap together at some point or not go as far down her head. Night Edition will debut at New York Comic Con and will be a con exclusive this summer.


This is a really nice toy. I was a little disappointed that unlike the other Minitreehouse figures, she didn’t come with all the accessories for both Super Mom and Sky Navigator; thus limiting the play time like we had with Bennzi. But I can’t deny that this is a well made toy that is an accurate depiction of Nathan J’s style. She is an excellent addition to the Minitreehouse family and would make a great gift for your favorite mom.

STRANGEco has an excellent site full of information on their toys and a blog/news feed with links to all things art.

Nathan Jurevicius’s website is currently under a revamp. Keep checking back, it’ll be worth the wait!

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