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We are so excited for Iron Man 2 (IMII ?) we can hardly contain ourselves. What’s a fanboy to do while waiting for the release of this summer’s most anticipated movie? Buy lots of toys of course! I picked up the WalMart exclusive 6″ War Machine, and a handful of Minimates. Check out my review and all these pics below.

6warmachine_01Ok, first off, you may be wondering why I’m focusing more on War Machine rather than Iron Man. Well, first off, the design is hella-cool (this is one of those rare occasions in which you can add the prefix hella), secondly, if you look at the other 6″ figures available, one is the Mark 1 (which looks great, but I have a nice one from Iron Man 1), the Mark 6 (Which I’m not sold on yet… I really like the round ARC), and the Deep Dive Armor Iron Man. (that’s not even in the movie)

So here I am, at Wal*Mart, let me interject, this was real sneaky making it an exclusive. I haven’t been to Wal*Mart in four months because their employees are so maddeningly stupid, I want to rip my toenails out every time I talk to someone who works there… so this figure brought me through their doors once again. (And probably the last time for several more months) It stinks, but there it is. This is a Wal*Mart Exclusive and cost me about $13 in currency, and a lifetime of emotional scars.

6warmachine_06The figure is awesome, as soon as you bust him out of the package, you can feel the heft of this figure. Everything is good and solid, and so far, all the joints are a perfect tightness. Everything moves, the arm rotates in ways I didn’t expect, but the armor is perfect at hiding the joints.

6warmachine_14One super-positive point, the shoulder armor and the back-of-the-hand plates are on hinges, so they’re not pushing on whatever pose you get. Second awesome point, the chaingun on his shoulder is on a rail so it can slide back and forth. A whole range of motion is worked in, without weakening the connection. The soft-rubber bullet chain moves flexibly and the ends stays plugged in place. (which I can’t say for the 3 3/4″ figures)

6warmachine_18Third awesome point, the extra hands. They pop out and stay in perfectly, and you still get a whole range of poses. There’s no grippy hand because WM doesn’t come with any hand held weapons.

Fourth awesome point, the shoulder missile launcher. You can either have it out and ready to fire, or you can swap it for another piece for its closed down position. It took me a minute to realize what this additional little piece of plastic was for, but it’s essential for display purposes.

6warmachine_11The elbows and knees are two-hinged so you don’t have any problems posing him. Like I said, I’m really happy with the articulation, however there was one problem. The hips (they lie). The hips consist of two balls. Oh dear. Two ball joints. The thighs can swivel 365° so moving the hips into a sitting position can be very difficult. You kind of have to twist the thigh to “catch” the joint just right if you want to swing it up and down. But that’s my only complaint. He stands just great and does not fall down.

6warmachine_08This figure is perfect, one of my favorites for the year. I like that Hasbro went the extra mile with detail and extras, it felt like it was worth the money, and there were plenty to pick one up without worrying about scalpers. Mattel, are you taking notes here?

I highly recommend this figure as there is hardly any way you could regret this purchase. It would have been nice to have an alternate head (with Don’s face showing) but it’s not necessary. Way to go Hasbro.

I thought while I was at it, I’d pick up some Iron Man 2 Minimates. I snagged the War Machine / Mark V 2-Pack, and the Whiplash / Mark IV 2-pack. The Mark V is the suitcase suit that he uses against Whiplash in the race track scene.

mm_warmachine05First off, War Machine looks great. They squeezed all the sculpted detail they could onto this tiny body, and it turned out awesome. I had issues getting the chaingun onto his shoulder (fun on shoulder!), but otherwise it looks great. You get the missile array, the chaingun, and the open-face helmet to switch out.

mm_warmachine11His buddy, the Mark V comes with hair for when you remove the helmet. (no open-face helmet) I kinda wish this one came with the suitcase, but it would be more appropriate for Tony to come with the suitcase, because technically he is wearing the suitcase. Anyway…. I like how this one feels a bit more trim and lean, like the suit in the movie, and the metallic red looks fantastic. You can also see that the sculpts on the helmet are different, so they didn’t just repaint the parts for War Machine.

mm_warmachine24Whiplash turned out really well too. You get transparent lightning whips to insert into his handles. (I was shooting these at 1:00 am, and started out putting the skinny end into the handles, because they’re notched and it looks like they’re supposed to fit – then I got angry about how loose they were and how I couldn’t get them to stay in. Anywhoo, make sure you plug in the right end) mm_warmachine25I love all the detail they got on his arm braces and his chest/back piece. You can even remove that and see the incredible detail on his tattoos. Art Asylum really went all the way on these guys. Top notch.

mm_warmachine18The Mark IV looks great as well. His red and gold pieces have a great metallic shine, and I have to point out that, not just on this figure, but this whole line has great joints. They’re looser than normal, but not so loose they’d fall over. I find myself working the leg joints over and over on previous Minimates, and these work great straight out of the box. Is it the plastic? They’re perfect.

mm_warmachine28So check out all my pics below. The 6″ War Machine is one of my favorite action figures in a long time. Especially from retail. I did pick up the 3 3/4″ War Machine and was not nearly as impressed. I’ll share some pics and thoughts later.
Ok, now I gotta go back to meticulously counting down the minutes till I can see Iron Man 2. Stay tuned for more Iron Man from


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