Action Figure Insider 3.0!


Our friends over at Action Figure Insider have launched AFI 3.0 a new redesign. Take a look:

It’s nearly our 4th Anniversary (more on that later) but more importantly it’s 03/03/09!  It’s the perfect day to launch our new redesign: AFI 3.0!

We’re going to have lots of new stuff this week: new blogs, new features, and maybe even a surprise or two. Props out to the whole AFI crew, with a special double thumbs up for Peter “Vader” Go & me, ToyOtter, for making it all happen.

And all of this leads into our 4th Anniversary next month. Your head will freaking spin when you scope out the dope junk we’ll be laying down then.


Congrats guys. It looks really good. – Lando

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