AWOLNATION at Rams Head Live

Aaron Bruno

AWOLNATION wrapped up the American leg of their tour in Baltimore this week. I was wondering if the band would be visible drained, or would absolutely push it to the furthest they could and rock our faces off. Needless to say my face was rocked off. Aaron Bruno led the charge with flying fists and a banging head. Click below for more.

Aaron Bruno

I started listening to AWOLNATION seriously only recently. I fell in love with Sail several months ago, and then Not Your Fault. Once I got into Kill Your Heroes, I realized that I’d probably enjoy the whole album, so I downloaded Megalithic Symphony (now $5 in MP3 format on Amazon) and since came to really enjoy People, Soul Wars and Burn it Down in particular. I find myself listening to the entire album more often than one of my playlists. One side note; I’m not a big fan of their official Sail video. I found a fan made video that I enjoy much more…

Aaron Bruno

The music was awesome. Like I said, they really shredded it up there, even at this point in the tour, and really rocked out the whole venue. One of the surprising things was the real respect for the audience on display. At one point Bruno stopped the music and apologized for some shenanigans occurring at the front. I was unclear if it was an overzealous security guard or a rambunctious fan, but someone was causing problems with the crowd surfers, and they were removed. And in an unheard of first (in my experience at least), AWOLNATION came to the stage earlier than planned. I’m used to standing by and waiting for the headliner sometimes up to 45 minutes. (I’ve heard it can get worse) However some issue came up with one of the openers, so AWOLNATION came out at least 15 minutes earlier than planned.

The crowd enjoying AWOLNATION

The crowd skewed a bit younger than I’ve been with recently. In the last two months I’ve shot Snoop Dogg, Nas, Matt & Kim, Ray LaMontagne, and Alex Clare. This crowd had a healthy percentage of high school kids and young adults. It was great however. Overall the audience was rocking out and lots of people took advantage and crowd surfed. The shared vibe was very energetic and into the music. It was fun hearing hundreds of kids shout BLAME IT ON MY A.D.D. BA-BAY!!! in unison.


Getting to cover this show was a big accomplishment for me. If you look over my prior concert coverage, you’d see that 90% of the acts were big about 15 years ago. I’ve absolutely loved seeing those guys live in concert and take those photos, but there is something validating about covering a current act that isn’t just a flash in the pan. Give their album a listen, and look forward to more exciting concert coverage coming up in 2013! Check out the gallery for more shots from the show at Rams Head Live.

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