Bad Religion at 9:30 Club

03222013 - Bad Religion 101

No funky clothes, no wild visuals, just straight up Bad Religion punk. The first song blasting through the speakers was the song “Past is Dead” and the stage and the crowd were very much alive. Following that song were a couple dozen more tunes ranging from the very first song they wrote to the most recent songs off their latest release “True North”. Click below for more.

03222013 - Bad Religion 142

The sold out crowd was a combination of old school punks and the new generation. At one point between songs Greg took a poll of the audience and proclaimed that about ‘38%’ were first time Bad Religion concert attendees…always trying to be scientific, that Greg. The energy of the guys on stage was met with the energy of the crowd. With the first chord struck for each song the audience went wild and was jumping and screaming along. Everyone knew every song and no one held back.

Even after all these years the guys still don’t take it all too seriously. You can tell they believe in everything their songs loudly proclaim be it about politics or religion or general approaches to life, but they still are having fun and that is a big part of the show. Between songs they joke about their age and surprised that people would return to their shows. Always using a wired mic, Greg switched to a wireless and said he was testing it out and knew doing so in DC meant honest feedback because ”you guys are the most judgemental people around” he said with a smile and a laugh, and off they went on another mad rush of songs. And judging by the mosh pit, the crowd surfers, and overall explosion of the audience, they approved of everything Greg and the gang had to offer.

Swing by their official site to buy music and see when their tour comes your way.

Photos by Joshua Hoover

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