Bandage and Scab by Purple Flavor

We all did it. Some still do. No I’m not talking about “THAT” get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about picking your scabs. I remember doing it all the time. Of course after you pick off the scab you regret doing it once you start bleeding again. Of course you can just stick a bandage on it.

Purple Flavor can identify with us “scab pickers.” They have a new plush bandage and scab toys.

Hey everybody my name’s Crustopher the Scab. I’m that best friend you just love to pick on.  I come complete with a blood-stained bandage. “It’s my blanket!” Hold me, tickle me, nibble my crispy edges, just don’t forget I’m a part of you.

Do you have a place in your heart for a Scab?

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