Barack Obama Action Figure from Jailbreak Toys

Jailbreak Toys gives you the power to infuse your toy collection with some political support of Barack Obama with the Obama Action Figure. The company has felt inspired by the senator’s vision and in their own words has “created The Obama Action Figure because every superhero should have one.” A good friend of mine went to the Democratic National Convention and when she saw this, she felt I had to have it (thanks again!). While I do whole-heartily support the Obama-Biden ticket, I’m going to review this toy with no political slant other than maybe one picture…

The figure stands 6 inches tall, which is a nice size to fit in with either your action figures or your Designer Toys. Personally, I collect the latter and he really does look good in the mix. What helps is that this isn’t a photo-realistic take on Mr. Obama. It’s more of a caricature which I feel was a much better way to go. But the characterization of his face is done tastefully: It’s not super deformed and he doesn’t have a goofy expression on his face. He sports 8 points of articulation at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and waist. This is a decent amount for sure and the lack of leg articulation gives him a solid base to stand on. The plastic on 90% of the figure is strong and of a good quality, but the arms are fairly soft. While it still looks fine on your shelfClick me (the colors match up perfectly) twisting his hands was a little scary as I was afraid the elbows would break. That said, the company did a fine job with attention to details. The paint application is clean with no bleeds, and the sculpt is simple but still has some finer points. His tie has the all important tie dimple, his bangs are undercut, and the facial features are all sculpted not just painted on. It’s also worth noting that the paint on his shoes gives them a nice professional shine. I also like how he has one hand pointing (to the future) and one open. This makes for more dynamic poses.

Click meOverall, aside from a button (since I collect those too) this is the best thing I could have to support a politician. I’m impressed with how the company captured the look of Obama without going over the top. With all political feelings aside, it is a well made toy. This is the perfect toy for the desk of Obama supporters, and if (when!) he wins in November, it’ll be even sweeter.

Jailbreak Toys’ site has the Obama Action Figure available and for every toy they sell they will donate a dollar to his campaign. Very nice!

Check out our Designer Toy page for more toy goodness, even if the most politically minded ones before now were the I.W.G.

No matter how you feel, please go VOTE!!!

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