Batgirl Photoshoot

POW! I had an amazing 1966 Batman photoshoot this past weekend. We had Batgirl, the Batmobile, Batman and couple of goons and the Bat cave. This has been a dream of mine to put together for years and it finally came to fruition. Click below for tons more batphotos!

To me, Batgirl is the crown jewel of female superheroes. Her appearance in the third season of Batman fun and sexy, but not exploitative. She was a genuine crime-fighter that could hold her own and not just be a sidekick. I didn’t realize it as a kid, but Batgirl’s inclusion in the 1960s show was truly one of the first major positive feminist presences on TV, at least for kids. She wasn’t there to get rescued by Batman. In fact a lot of the storylines have the weekly villains dismissing her for being a girl, and then she proved them wrong and kicked their asses and foiled their plans well before Batman showed up.
I met Bill, the builder of this Batmobile, and the Batman in this shoot, at an event a few months ago. After I chatted him up a bit, I asked him if we could get together for a shoot if I could find a model. Bill was happy to oblige. I’m not going to spoil anything but he has some other projects in the works, so this won’t be the last time I work with Bill. You’ll just have to stay tuned for that.
Here’s me receiving some of that good ole Batgirl justice, right in the kisser! Hannah, our Batgirl, is amazing. She showed up and got into the spirit without having been a lifelong 1966 Batman fan like the rest of us that day.
My lighting guy Tom, or GOON #1, got a little bit of justice served his way as well. OOOF!
Where do you keep your own custom built Batmobile? In the BATCAVE of course, and Bill’s had all the amenities, including an atomic pile! The Batmobile looked right at home.
THIS was the shot I had in my head. I thought this type of pose looked the most like a comic book cover. The rest of the shoot I was going for the 1966 television show vibe, but this angle was for a comic cover. Power, allure, camp. It’s all there.
I didn’t want roll back the feminism angle we fought so hard for, but we couldn’t resist. We had to get a shot of Batgirl chatting away on the Batphone. Oh my God Sally, they did what?!
Speaking of phones, one of the first features I did on this blog, almost 20 years ago, which
kind of put me on the map, was my own Police Commissioner’s Batphone, complete with cake cover. The phone actually did light up and buzz with incoming calls. I haven’t had a landline in years however, but I dusted it off and brought it to the shoot.
I also wanted to show off Bill’s custom built Batcomputer console. It lights up and everything. It looked fantastic.
I’m glad we were also able to find a logical way to show off Hannah without the cowl. Hannah is extremely talented (and going for her MBA!) and I was happy we could feature the person behind the mask.
There’s a ton more photos in the gallery below. We may have another 1966 Batman shoot planned for the future. Tune in next time, same Battime, same Batchannel! And be sure to follow @MillionairePb to keep up.

Batgirl And Batmobile Photoshoot

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