Boba Fett Kubricks!!!

Star Wars Kubricks have developed quite a devoted following both in Japan and in the US, and with a new series of six Boba Fetts — from concept versions to his appearance in animation — collectors will soon be calling in a few favors to their collecting friends across the Pacific.

Manufactured by Medicom Toy and licensed under Takara Tomy, this Japanese exclusive boxed set draws on several iterations of the famous Fett Jr., from the Ralph McQuarrie/Joe Johnston all-white concept to the pastel palette of the Holiday Special character. Fett from the animated Droids series makes an appearance here as well, as does an obscure early McQuarrie concept for the famed bounty hunter. All in all, a pretty sweet set that should have many-a-collector posting bounties for their capture this June when they’re released exclusively in Japan.

I love Kubricks, and these are just awesome. I must have these. If you live in Japan please help me to buy these!

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