Chaos Monkey

A puzzle for zoologists, this monkey has been seen thru ages on every continent but his origin is still a mystery. Based on scientific analysis, CHAOS MONKEY may be one of the first gene mutations ever. With large eyeballs, this hungry creature has escaped from his ancestral slammer in order to devour all human beings on this planet. Born with short legs and enormous arms, he’s able to move faster than any other ape without any hope of escape for their casualties. They’ll eventually eat you raw. From the largeness of his eyes, billions of monkeys are watching us, waiting for a bloody vengeance. Now forever as a vinyl statue, his hypnotic look and his little sharp teeth will keep you scared to death.

CHAOS MONKEY is the first vinyl toy created by French illustrator BUNKA. It’s the second release on the French label ARTOYZ ORIGINALS created by ARTOYZ. Vinyl. 14cm (5.5″) tall. Available in Regular and US Exclusive Versions. US Version limited to 500 pieces.

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