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Joel Kosche

Collective Soul performed last night, and I got some amazing pictures. They played their 1999 album Dosage and then played most of their radio hits. You couldn’t tell by looking at them that their big hit Shine came out almost 20 years ago. Click below for more pics.

Ed Roland

I’ll tell you why this was the best concert I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a bunch in the last year). The concert was at the newly opened Fillmore in Silver Spring. Being kin to the famous Fillmore West in San Francisco, it’s got the rock n roll legacy, but because it’s all new its still pretty clean and a great spot for live music. And low and behold there was a photo pit to shoot from. Not only was there a pit so I could be right up next to the stage without elbows and the tops of heads in my way, but no other press showed up. I had the whole pit to myself and it was glorious. I could run back and forth the length of the stage, taking my time getting compositions without worrying about being in some other photographer’s way, and I had no competition. Who has the most kick-ass photos of the show from last night? Well there’s me, and that’s all you get.

Dean Roland

It does get a little lonely going to all of these concerts by myself, but I do end up getting into the most random conversations with people. I met a dude that was actually preparing to go to jail (DUI) in a few weeks so he gave me some advice on how to survive (it’s not going to be his first visit) and I met some rock n roll chicks that invited me into their VIP booth to take their picture for that proper VIP treatment, and they had me come back for the later half of the show just to chill and watch from their vantage point.

Ed Roland

Like I said, you wouldn’t know by watching them that their big hit came out almost 20 years ago, they were still in full command of the stage and really eating it up. Several times Ed would look at the crowd and just smile as he soaked in all the good vibes. I loved how there was no pretention in the show. There was no opener, but Ed and crew came out (eh, about 10 minutes late) and explained that they’d play their album Dosage and then take a break and then play all their hits. It didn’t seem like they were doing this for attention or to squeeze pennies out of their fan base, it felt like they felt lucky to be on stage doing this for us. As they played their bigger hits, more and more people joined in and they played to us, but because Dosage has been available for 13 years, a good part of the audience sang along with each of those songs as well.

Will Turpin

Its true that the audience skewed more to people in their thirties and older, and that helped with the old-buddies vibe… there wasn’t any fights or general misbehaving (some orneriness in the VIP section though…). It was fantastic hearing everyone sing World I Know and then Collective Soul left but came back quickly enough for their encore, December and then Shine. Everybody was chanting turn your head now baby just spit me out. Classic.

Collective Soul is still on tour, I recommend popping by their website to see when they’re coming to your town and swing by Amazon and pick up Dosage, as well as their Greatest Hits album 7even Year Itch.

I have more kick ass photos below including the setlist.

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