Confessions of a Superhero on Hulu


This weekend I watched the documentary Confessions of a Superhero on Hulu. The film follows four of the costumed superheroes that pose for pictures on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All four are aspiring actors who believe this is the way to become famous. The highlight is Christopher Dennis. Dennis claims to be the son of Oscar and Tony winning actress Sandy Dennis. Sandy Dennis’s family denies his claim. He is a fan of Superman, most notably Christopher Reeve who he models his Superman look.


Christopher Dennis is really a true fan of Superman. His apartment is covered from floor to ceiling with Superman posters, toys, and diaramas.

Jennifer Gehrt who dresses like Wonder woman however believes that this is the step in the door to the acting world. The film doesn’t really address if she is a fan of the Wonder Woman character, or is it because its a character she can dress as? Either way, I found the documentary depressing. I was expecting to laugh, but found myself feeling sad for these people.

You can now watch the documentary on Hulu.

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