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We are starting a new feature called custom of the week. It’ll feature customs from sites like Figure Realm and The Toy Soup Forums (those are just two I frequent. If you’d like to suggest some other sites to check out great customs, post them in the comments).

I’m not going for new customs. Even if I see something made back when dinosaurs walked the Earth, if it’s cool enough, it’ll be featured. You can even post links to your own customs in the comments section during that week’s featured custom. The only one out of the running is myself.


For the first custom of the week, I’m going to Figure Realm. Customizer Viper Prime does some amazing work, but this time he pulled out all the stops. There hasn’t been a really good retail version of Venom from Spider-Man 3. They all used comic proportions, where as the Venom from the film wasn’t much bigger than Spider-Man. Viper Prime fixed that though, using a DCUC Superman and sculpting over the entire figure to match Venom.  He even included some nice in-progress and comparison shots.

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