DC Universe Green Lantern Wave 2 review

Stel angry!
We just got our grubby little mitts on the DC Universe Green Lantern Wave 2 figures with the Green Lantern Stel Build-a-Figure. I opened up, took some pics, made some funny word bubbles and posted them all for you to see. Click below to see what I thought, and check out all our pics (60!) Plus see how you can win some of the figures!

I collected a bunch of Mattel’s DC Universe figures when the line first launched, as the sculpt work is fantastic, and I liked the Mattel level of durability. Except for a few reports I’ve seen online, my figures stay together and can take a (moderate level) of abuse. I have a 3 year old, I have to consider these things.

The sculpts on these guys look great. Not as much tight, intricate detail like I love from the Four Horsemen, but they’re true to the source material, so it’s appropriate.

Carol Ferris is flexible
Each figure sports substantial articulation. Except for the furry munchkins, they all have articulated head (standard peg), shoulder (ball and hinge), twisty bicep, elbow, wrist, ribcage, waist (twist), hips (split and sit), twisty thigh, knees, and ankles. This is good for several actiony poses, and you can get them to stand in several positions. Every photo in the gallery features a figure really balanced in that position (though I can’t attest to how long they’d hold that pose on the shelf)

One piece of articulation I really want is a better head/neck joint. I love posing my figures on high shelves looking down. Although these are connected with a ball joint, most of the figures could not get any up or down range, just side to side.

The colors look great, and the Horsemen really grabbed the essence of each character. I think Carol Ferris looks a little bored, but she’s surrounded by dudes, can you blame her?
Stel wants to arm wrestle Hulk
The Build a Figure
Each of the six figures comes with a body part for making Green Lantern Stel. He’s pretty impressive, standing approx 8″ tall (where the rest of the line stands approx 6″). He features the same articulation as the other figures, but also has a twist joint in each calf. He’s beefy and pretty solid, and he sports awesome robot details all over the place. The only thing that threw me off was that his Lantern emblem in his chest looks crooked.

One item of note. When you buy Medphyll, you get the hands and head to swap out parts and make Naut Kei Loi. You can also buy Naut Kei Loi, who comes with the hands and head to make Medphyll. (Mattel did this so if you’re a MOC collector, you could display the entire line of 8) But note that both Medphyll and Naut Kei Loi both come with Stel’s left leg… so you don’t need to buy both. If you do buy both, you will have two left legs. Same goes for Skallox or Nite-Lik. The both come with the right leg.
The Green Lantern Corps (wave 2)
Final thoughts
These are some great figures, and if you’re a fan of the Green Lantern universe, these figures do those characters justice. I, personally, am an opener. I open the figures and enjoy posing and reposing and photographing them. However I feel this line was planned out more for the MOC collectors in mind. The figures are solid, and worth opening, but the figures are posed dynamically in their blister pack, and there aren’t a lot of accessories to speak of. So it is what you see is what you get. In fact, like I mentioned above, you can buy both Medphyll and Naut Kei Loi, even though it’s the same exact pieces, twice.

Check out the pics below to see more shots of each of these eight figures. I’ve also retagged the Green Lantern pics we took at the Mattel Collector event at Toy Fair. You can see more in our 2011 Toy Fair Podcast Part 2: Collectables.

We’re going to give away the MOC Naut Kei Loi and Nite-Lik. It’s real easy to enter. Simply follow/join our Twitter feed or our Facebook page . Then send us a tweet @landodapimp (or post a message on our Fb wall) saying that you are entering the Green Lantern contest. We’ll randomly draw someone from both to win one of the figures on March 25th (US addresses only please)

These figures are hitting stores, you can pre-order them from among others.

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