Deep Space Nine – Sisko, Jadzia, & Ezri from Diamond Select Toy


I’m a huge supporter of the Diamond Select Toys Star Trek figures. They have done a tremendous job resurrecting the franchise. After years of stalky action figures from Play Along, Diamond / Art Asylum has brought us more realistic looking figures that better suit the adult Star Trek audience. Wrapping up the Next Generation line late last year, Diamond now has begun with series 1 from Deep Space Nine.

Series 1 assortment features Captain Benjamin Sisko, Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax, and the limited Lieutenant Ezri Dax!


Captain Benjamin Sisko
Captain Sisko is easily the best of the three figures from the first series. Its pretty obvious just looking at them that the sculpt is a fantastic representation of Avery Brooks. The figures design comes from the final seasons of DS9 based on the uniform colors. I think that was a good move to focus on the later seasons when Avery was shaving his head, than the earlier episodes with the short buzz trim.

Sisco has about 20 points of articulation allowing for some great posing. Most of the points are pretty well hidden, but some areas like the elbows you can clearly see the joints. The paint job on my Sisco action figure had a few rough points. On the chest was a few red drops of paint from the collar and a few chips on the back of his head were missing. I would like to compare multiple figures to see how well each figure is painted.

Sisko’s accessories include a hand phaser, phaser rifle, tricorder, his “Niners” baseball hat, and of course his baseball that sits on his desk.


Jadzia Dax
This is the second Jadzia Dax action figure Diamond has produced. The first figure was based on the episode “Trials and Tribble-ations.” The figure has some problems with the sculpt, but was a very good facial likeness of Terry Farrell. This new figure has a good sculpt, but the facial likeness is way off.

The Series 1 Jadzia figure is not horrible, but I am disappointed with the facial features. The biggest problem I think is the hairdo. Her hair pulled back into a pony tail doesn’t suit the figure very well. While yes its true, that the character wore her hair pulled back through out the series, it makes her look strange from the front.

The best part of the figure is the painting of her brown spots on the side of her face. The application allows the spots to look part of the skin and not painted on. Jadzia comes with a Katana Blade, Klingon Blade, Data Pad, and a bottle of wine (not sure what episode that relates too).


Ezri Dax
Oh Ezri. How much I disliked you. I was really sad when they decided to “recast” the Dax symbiotite into Ezri. I loved Jadzia, and I really was annoyed with Ezri. I found her storylines to be so boring, and a number of episdoes just dealing with how she is adapting to DS9. That being said, I do think the Ezri figure is very well done.

The sculpt has the benefit with Ezri having short hair. This allows the facial features to look more like the actress Nicole de Boer. I like the facial expression. She seems confused, which fits the character perfectly. Like Sisko I found my Ezri figure had some paint issues. Luckily, its not with the spots.

Ezri comes equipped with her Niners Baseball hat, Data Pad, Phaser Rifle, and her coffee mug.

Diamond Select / Art Asylum continues to produce the best Star Trek figures. While that may not be saying much, they really are exceptional. A few figures have had some minor facial problems and paint applications. I really like that they sculpt each figure body differently keeping the height of each character to scale with the other. I am looking forward to the next few series which includes Kira, Bashir, and Chief O’Brien. Hopefully this line will continue to expand into some of the great secondary characters of DS9.

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