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o-no sushi
DKE Toys will be set up at this year’s San Diego Comic Con (booth #4732). If you are attending please stop by and say hello. We will have most of our current stock along with plenty of samples and prototypes on display from over 100 companies.
Signing Schedule DKE Booth #4732

Thursday 07/23 @ 4 pm – Andrew Bell
Friday 07/24 @ 12 pm – Erick Scarecrow
Friday 07/24 @ 2 pm – Buff Monster
Friday 07/24 @ 4 pm – Ohm (Muttpop)
Saturday 07/25 @ 12 pm – Erick Scarecrow
Saturday 07/25 @ 4 pm – Ohm (Muttpop)
Mystery Guest TBA ?????????????????

summer ninja
summer ninja

Summer Ninja SDCC Exclusive

This Pocket Ninja loves the good times of Summer, especially those that fit into a cone. As if his profound love of cold, creamy sweets wasn’t enough, this tiny master of stealth sports an ice cream cone medallion. Yes, a medallion made of ice cream! It’s both macho AND delicious, and won’t cause a mess so long as Summer Ninja gobbles it up lickety split.

4″ x 4″, with signed and numbered tag and accessory. Handmade. Limited to 300 pieces. $18

o-no sushi
o-no sushi
o-no sushi

O-No Sushi! Blue SDCC Exclusive

The latest vinyl creation from artist Andrew Bell brings his popular “Never Look Back” print to life! This sad seafood set includes one figure with two interchangeable sets of eyes, a bowl of tentacles and a piece of tentacle sushi. Blue edition is limited to 150 pieces!   $30

Andrew Bell will be signing Thursday July 23rd @ 4 pm.

buff miao
buff miao
buff miao

Zakkamono’s Miao and Mousubi GID Buff Monster Edition

This piece is limited to only 100 pieces. SDCC Exclusive.  $80

Buff Monster will be signing on Friday July 24th @ 2:00 pm.



Please stop by and get Ohm to customize these cute limited DIY versions of the popular Tcho! figures.  We will have individual pieces available for $15 each during the signings as well as complete sets of 6 figures (5 + bonus figure) for $60 starting Wednesday night. Ohm will also be signing at Rotofugi, Munky King, & Toyqube.

Only 50 of each figure (sets) available.

Ohm will customizing figures at the DKE booth on Friday July 24th @ 4 pm & Saturday July 25th @ 4 pm.

soopa maria

Erick Scarecrow’s Soopa Maria Sandbox SDCC Exclusive

Each figure is signed and numbered by Erick and comes in the Scarecrow box sealed/secured for protection.  The hand painted resin figure is limited to 20pcs worldwide.  $100

Erick Scarecrow will be signing Friday July 24th & Saturday July 25th @ 12 noon.

pearl rainbowasaurus

Pearl Rainbowasaurus SDCC exclusive

Switcheroo x Bwana Spoons present this 10 inch long resin figure with 2 movable birds. Signed and numbered by Bwana Spoons and paired with matching signed print. Edition of 10. $375

diy chtulus

DIY Mythos Buddies SDCC Exclusive

From Dreamland Toyworks. 2.75 inches tall. Designed by John Kovalic. Sculpted by Tom Meier.  Available in grey & black. Limited to 100 of each colorway. $10 each

mini treeson

Mini Treeson Set

1.5″ Mini Tresson Set. Shared TTF/SDCC Exclusive. We only got 50 sets for the US!!!

$20 per set

coarse sdcc


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