DKE Toys: Yeti Guys Timmy Toxic Slimeballs + Tricycle Terror Rat Fink & More!!

yeti guys

Yeti Guy

Not a conventional yet, lives in the forest cos he doesn’t like the cold. 5″ tall.
Available in Woodland Edition (Brown) Abominable Edition (White) or the Yeti Girl Spare Rib Edition (Pink). Designed by nevermore

Limited to 300 per colorway!

Suggested Retail $35


Timmy the Toxic Slimeball

Timmy the toxic slimeball is a radioactive mutant hero. He targets dirty cops and defends hard working criminals, his main weapon is acid vomit and green slime that shoots out of his stump arm. 4″ tall.  Designed by geoff

Limited to 300 per colorway.

Suggested Retail $27



Designed by Mekazoo

Robolucha is the first robotic Mexican wrestler. The concept is influenced by the clothing style of the lucha libres. Robolucha has 2 faces, you can change his appearance by turning his head. Get ready to rumble !!! Produced by Patch Together.
Designed by mekazoo.

6″ tall. Limited 300 per colorway.

Suggested Retail $45 each

tricycle terror

Tricycle Terror

VA-ROOOM! Better look both ways before crossing the street, because this Tricycle Terror is burnin’ rubber!  Standing 5″ tall, this poly-resin figure comes fully painted and ready to display. Limited to 450 pieces,  each piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity. From StolleArt Studio.

Suggested Retail $45

rat fink bank gid

Rat Fink Collector Bank – Glow in the Dark Edition

8″ vinyl, classic sculpt and deco. Comes polybagged with header card. Limited to 2000 pieces.

Suggested Retail  $20

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