ESC Toys’ Kissaki – Wicked colorway


ESC Toys’ newest toy may look cute, but beneath the robes of the innocent looking girl, Kissaki, a killer waits. The newest colorway of the toy is definitely “Wicked” with a great blend of shades of purple with black and blue-green highlights. In my opinion, this is the best colorway so far and I can’t help but think of the Incredible Hulk a bit when I look at the palette used.

Designer Erick Scarecrow has blended traditional Asian elements and urban influences in a great way in this toy. She is wearing a robe like many characters in anime films I’ve seen with extra long sleeves. There are many folds sculpted into the robe to give her a nice weighted feel. Adding to this is the thin body from the shoulders and tapering out to the large feet. On her feet she’s sporting some cool looking kicks, but to give her a little more Asian flavor she had the traditional stilts found beneath samurai sandals. She has two swords sheathed on either side of her waist. I like how the tips of the sheaths look like pencils. The look of the figure is a little confusing at the handles of the swords though. Many think that the fists on the ends of the sword handles are her arms and not the swords, when in fact her hands are hidden beneath her robes’ long sleeves. The most dynamic aspect of the toy’s sculpt has to be the hair. I love the wind-blown wisps of her long hair and the section of bang down in her face. Speaking of her face, she seems at peace: a calm meditation of sorts. The paint applications are very clean throughout the design with no light spots or smudges. This is a well made, sturdy toy. Also, it’s worth noting that even though they aren’t the same line, this colorway looks great with the Super Villain colorway of Dizign!

I’m surprised at how much I like Kissaki. I’m not usually drawn to more urban-influenced toys; instead focusing on the weirder, almost creepy vinyl. But Kissaki looks great on my shelf and my wife especially likes her as a non-sexist depiction of a woman. She’s a strong peaceful character who’s simplicity speaks volumes.

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