Essential Seven Best Superman Film Moments

With word that Christopher Nolan is now involved with the Superman franchise, we are looking at a new “way to address the character of Superman in a modern context.” This will be the first time that a Superman film will depart the “Donner” treatment.

The Christopher Reeve Superman films, and the latest Routh Superman had a similar look and feel. With it unlikely that Bryan Singer will direct a follow up, we are looking at a brand new take on the “Man of Steel.” So as we look forward to the Nolan and Goyer Superman film lets look back at the Essential Seven Best Superman Films:

7) It’s Just a Little Place

Otisburg sounds like a quaint little town just south of Luthorville and on the Costa del Lex water front. None of these locations will exist, until Lex Luthor’s missle strikes the fault causing California to fall into the sea (learn to swim!). As Lex is unveiling his master plan to Superman (typical comic book villian mistake) we discover that Otis scribbled Otisburg onto the map. Luthor becomes angered that Otis would want his own town. Lex overreacted though. “It’s just a little place!” [Ed note: this is the first time I noticed Teschmacher Peaks… huh huh huh huh]

6) Stopping the Plane

The first time we see Brandon Routh portray the “Man of Steel” he is rescuing Lois and the other airline passengers falling to their death in a plane. In a triumphant conclusion to the sequnce, Superman lowers the damaged plane in a baseball stadium. His re-appearance after missing for five years gains a standing ovation from the baseball crowd. Superman and baseball, you can’t get more American than that!

5) The Diner Revenge

Superman returning to the diner to seek revenge on his “bully,” is out of character. Clark doesn’t realize how much of a wimp he really is until he gets his ass kicked by a local trucker. When he regains his powers he returns to the diner. He picks a fight with the trucker again who doesn’t stand a chance this time at beating him up. I love this scene for one reason, Christopher Reeve’s performance. After sending the trucker sliding down the counter, he tells the diner owner that he has been working out and winks at the audience. That little moment was enough for us to accept this out of character scene. Superman getting his revenge is the perfect way to end the film.

4) Gene Hackman Lex Luthor

I was ecstatic when Kevin Spacey was announced as the next Lex Luthor in Superman Returns. He did a great job, but wasn’t as good as Gene Hackman. Gene Hackman took the character of Lex Luthor and made it his own. His take on Lex Luthor was cartoony at times, but underneath he was a cold-hearted killer. He was a menace to the human race who was willing to wipe out millions of people for land and power! This is evident when Miss Teschmacher tells Lex that her mother lives in Hackensack. Lex just glances at his watch and shakes his head. Damn, that’s cold!

3) Would You Care to Step Outside?

At some point you begin to believe that all is lost in Superman II. General Zod is now ruler of the world (except Austrailia) and Superman has no powers to stop him. Luthor leads the Kryptonian villians to the Daily Planet looking for the “Man of Steel.” Suddenly we have hope when something flies through the skies of Metropolis. Superman then appears at the window of Perry White’s office with the line “General, would you care to step outside?” I love this moment. It’s cheesy, but damn its a great way to begin the epic battle. Apparently this line was not scripted in the Donner version as it was cut from his re-edit.

2) Kneel Before ZOD!!!

I was never a fan of the comicbook character of General Zod. It wasn’t until I saw Terrance Stamp portay him that I realized he was and is the greatest comic book villian of all time. His arrogance finds him bored after he easily overtakes Earth. He needs a challege to his “kingdom.” Superman becomes that challenge.  Everybody must “Kneel before Zod.”
Check out our pictorial of General Zod visits the White House

1) You Got Me? Who’s Got You?

The first time Superman reveals himself to the world in the original Superman film, he rescues Lois from the top of the Daily Planet. On a visit to interview the President the helicopter taking Ms. Lane to the interview becomes tangled in wires on the roof. Lois falls out the side of the helipcoter hanging from the skids. Unable to hold on anymore she begins to fall to her death. Luckily Superman catches her on the way down telling her that he got her. She responds by asking him “You Got Me? Who’s Got You?” Easily the best moment of the films.

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