Essential Seven Buffy The Vampire Slayer Action Figures


I was going through my Buffy The Vampire Slayer toy collection, and was saddened that most of the Buffy toy lines are dead. There are still many characters that never will see plastic. Since we won’t be seeing any more Buffy toys I think it i is time to put together the Essential Seven Buffy The Vampire Slayer Action Figures!

7) DST Ice Cream Xander


The Xander figures had one benefit over most of the Buffy figures, it actually resembled the actor who portrayed him! The female Buffy figures have a tendency to look more like cross dressers than women.  Xander dressed as an Ice Cream Man in the episode “Restless” gave us a great exclusive and the most interesting Xander figure from the entire line.

6) Sideshow Tooned Up Dark Willow


I don’t care if you disagree with me! I still think that the sixth season of Buffy was the best! That’s right I said it! Throughout the season we all believed that the Trio were the main bad guys. That was until Warren shot Tara, pissing off Willow.  The Tooned Up Dark Willow statue hasn’t been released yet, but based on the pictures, it looks as badass as Willow was!

5) Sideshow Giles 12″ Figure


Sideshow Giles was the last of the 12″ Buffy figures, and one of the best as well. The Giles character seemed to get the shaft with very few toys based on Buffy’s watcher. Giles came equipped with interchangeable hands, a sword, large wooden cross, and of course removable glasses. The only thing missing was a handkerchief to clean his glasses.

4) Palisades Gentlemen Palz

The Gentlemen

They floated around with their malevolent smiles stealing your voice before they cut out your heart. From the episode “Hush” from season five, these non speaking demons were the creepiest villains Buffy ever faced! This four pack was Palisades 2005 Wizard World Exclusive, and after four years still hard to find.

3) DST Anya in Bunny Costume


Based on the episode “Fear, Itself,” Anya wore a Halloween costume based on what she’s most frightened of: cute-and-cuddly bunny rabbits! This was the second Anya action figure released. While it may not look much like Emma Caulfield, the idea of creating this figure was brilliant.  Along with the nice articulation of the figure, the bunny costume is removable!

2) DST Graduation Day Buffy


The best Buffy figure released by Diamond Select Toys was the Deluxe “Graduation Day” Buffy. Sculpted by Gentle Giant, Buffy has a whopping 29 points of articulation. The figure also started the deluxe line of Buffy figures that also included “Graduation Day” Faith. Buffy came equipped with handcuffs, diploma, Sunnyvale High Yearbook, and a wooden staff to kick Faith’s ass!

1) Sideshow Graduation Day Buffy Summers 12″ figure!

Sideshow Buffy

Sideshow’s “Graduation Day” Buffy Summers has the strongest resemblance to Sarah Michelle Gellar to date, making this the “Essential Buffy Figure”.  Buffy is equipped with two wooden stakes, a battle axe, and the Hunga Munga.

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