Essential Seven Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Expectations

The final Harry Potter film hits theaters today, and I have a lot of expectations for this film! Over the years writers and directors have taken liberty with the source material, some good, and some bad. I understand the need to tweak certain scenes to adapt them to film. I also have some high expectations of things that can’t be screwed up. Key scenes, moments, and character development will be very important in this film. It is the last one!  That is why this week, I’ll drink a few butterbeers, and list the Essential Seven Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Expectations:


7) Emma Watson Cleavage?

Expectaion: It’s Time for Emma To Show Some Skin
I know how this sounds, and I know what your response will be. “This is Harry Potter, this is not a film that should deal with sex or nudity.” I’m not asking for nipples (although a nip slip would be awesome), but Emma Watson has grown into a beautiful girl. We’re not the only ones thinking about her cleavage. Warner Brothers enhanced the size of her boobs for the Order of the Phoenix poster. If I were the director I would have include an accidental nude scene. What if, during a battle, an “expelliarmus” spell accidentally hits her bra clasp releasing or “expelling” her “Hermione Grangers?” It could happen!


6) Molly Weasley Calls Bellatrix a Bitch

Expectaion: Bellatrix Messes with the Wrong Witch
When Molly Weasley sees a spell almost hit Ginny, she becomes outraged. The usually nice and contempt Molly Weasley suddenly yells out “NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!” This small scene is one of the most memorable scenes during the battle of Hogwarts. I expect to see this scene to be just as memorable in the film. Julie Walters has always done a fine job of playing Molly, and this scene will be her shining moment.

5) Who Was Dumbledore?

Expectaion: Rita Skeeter’s Exclusives Need to Be Heard!
I’m hoping the film doesn’t gloss over Dumbledore’s history. Part 1 explored his history. Harry began to believe he really never knew the real Dumbledore. Movie audiences need to know why.  I would really love to see a visual retelling of his life including his sister and the battle with Grindelwald. Not everybody read the book, and I think his “family secrets” is something that can’t be cut out.


4) Harry’s Walk Through the Forest

Expectaion: Daniel Radcliff’s Performance of Harry’s Sacrifice Needs to Be More Than Just Walking Through the woods!
As Harry is about to sacrifice himself, I’m very much looking forward as to how they will handle it. Most of this scene in the book provides an overview of what is going on through Harry’s mind. This could be Daniel Radcliff’s shining moment as an actor depending how the scene is handled.


3) Neville Killing Nagini

Expectaion: The Herbologist Takes Out the Snake as a Turning Point in the Film.
I know the scene will be in the film, but how much emphasis will be placed on it? In the book Neville uses the Sword of Griffindor to slice off Nagini’s head, destroying the last Horcrux. I expect Neville to have his big moment, and I’m hoping that David Yates really makes it as grand as it should be!

2) The Epilogue

Expectaion: The Actors Need to Look Age Appropriate.
I am very scared that the actors will look strange in the epilogue. All of the actors are still very young, and from the leaked photos, the makeup looks like they are a lot older than what they are. The epilogue happens nineteen years later. That would make Harry about 37 years old. The good news is that they did a series of reshoots for the epilogue. Did David Yates realize that Harry looked more like he was 50?

1) Snape’s Memories

Expectaion: Everybody Needs to Love Snape… In the End!
The biggest question before the seventh book came out wasn’t does Harry live, but is Snape a friend or foe? Well we learn that Snape all along was on Dumbledore’s side, and that he was in love with Lily Potter, Harry’s mother. Alan Rickman has been a standout in these films. I’m hoping that his death, and Snape’s memories really create an emotional moment that Snape deserves. When Harry says to his son in the Epilogue, ” Albus Severus, you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew,” I want to hear people tearing up!

The Essential Seven is a weekly list of seven items that we at believe needs to be identified. Want our opinion on a topic for a future list? Email Lando Da Pimp. Don’t agree with our list? Then leave a comment. We will try not to laugh at your dumb opinion! 😉

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