Essential Seven Iconic Horror Movie Scenes

Horror films play a huge part in celebration of Halloween. Today we love watching Jigsaw torturing people, Michael Myers returning from the grave, and Freddie Krueger slashing a girl who fell asleep. Horror films are filled with characters and situations made to scare you. A few films are so memorable that certain scenes have become iconic in film history. With anticipation of jumping out of my seat, here is the Essential Seven Iconic Horror Movie Scenes:

7) Carrie, Blood Shower

Carrie suffers from the ultimate bullying by being drenched in pigs blood at the prom. The incident forces Carrie to use her telekinetic powers to shut the gym doors, start a fire, and kill a number of prom-goers. High school is a bitch.

6) Night of the Living Dead, Graveyard Scene

The film starts off innocent enough, with a brother tormenting his sister in a graveyard. “They’re coming to get you Barbara!” Johnny was only joking. How shocked was he to discover that they were after Barbara! To bad he realized this after his head was smashed into a grave stone.

5) The Exorcist, Regan’s Pea Soup Vomit

This is also an iconic vomit scene in film history (hmm….. future list?). The unexpected repulsiveness of Linda Blair projectile vomiting all over the priest was shocking at the time. In the making of features we later learned that the film makers used pea-soup for the vomit. Think about that the next time you have a bowl.

4) Friday the 13th, Jason’s First Appearance

The original Friday the 13th introduced the unstoppable killing machine named Jason at the very end of the film. The little boy returns from the grave to avenge his mothers death in nine sequels.

3) Poltergeist, Ghosts walking down stairs

Forget about Paranormal Activity, Poltergeist is the greatest ghost film ever made. While the family sleeps in the living room the spirits haunting the house decide to leave the children’s bedroom and take a stroll. They begin to walk down the stairs in the most eerie haunting scene from the film. The WTF moment is when they playback the film and you can clearly see the faces of the spirits.

2) The Shining, Here’s Johnny

Jack Nicholson at his very best, playing a crazy dude! Jack axes through the door, pokes his head in to terrorize his trapped wife and says “Here’s Johnny!”

1) Psycho, Shower Scene

Janet Leigh’s innocent shower turns out to be her last. We are fooled into thinking that the knife wielding killer is Norman’s mother. We later discover that Norman was the killer, dressed as his dead mother. Hitchcock was a genius.

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