Essential Seven Police Academy Obligatory Moments

With the death of Bubba Smith this week, I got nostalgic, and watched a few of the Police Academy films. The humor was always juvenile, but I loved it. After an enjoyable Police Academy marathon, I was inspired to write this weeks list about the franchise. So what made up a good Police Academy film? Well here are the Essential Seven Police Academy Obligatory moments:

7) Callahan’s Boob’s

Callahan had two things going for her, and yes I’m talking about her boobs. She never got topless, but we did get a great wet t-shirt scene in part four.  Throughout the seven films the characters would often reference them. “You see, it’s a matter of the mind being mightier than the bosom.”


6) Tackleberry is Gun Crazy

I’m not usually a fan of gun loving nuts, but Tackleberry was such an exaggerated gun nut that he became one my favorites. He would play war games in his backyard, and drove a monster truck after getting married.

5) Hightower is Super Strong

Sadly Hightower didn’t really do much after the original Police Academy film. The character was only utilized to lift, throw, or fight somebody. My favorite Hightower moment is in the first film. After he is forced to leave the Academy he returns to his job as a florist. Showing the character’s sensitive side was his shining moment.

4) Hooks Gets Angry

It never got old. No matter what, you knew that eventually Hooks would get pissed.  Her small petite voice would change to a loud forceful yell that included the word “dirtbag.”  You don’t want to make her angry!
3) The Blue Oyster Bar

If you wanted to play a great joke on your friends, tell them to meet you at the Blue Oyster Bar. Don’t be intimidated by the patrons. They don’t want to hurt you, just tango to the  tune “El Bimbo.”


2) Picking on Harris

Captain Harris was always an asshole, and deserved every prank they pulled on him. I remember fondly when they wrote “DORK” on his chest with suntan lotion. After basking in the sun he walk around the beach with “DORK” on his chest,  where everybody proceeds to call him a dork.
1) Jones Sound Effects

I remember being amazed at Michael Winslow’s ability to make noises with his mouth. As Sgt. Larvell Jones he would play pranks and deceive criminals and authority figures with his different sound effects.

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