Essential Seven Pop-Culture Vanity License Plates

Television and film has always used really cool cars. These cars sometimes are completely decked out for speed, ghost-busting, and family vacations. One consistent feature is the vanity plate. That is why this week we feature the Essential Seven Pop-Culture Vanity Plates:


Michael Knight decided that KITT’s vanity plate would use his last name instead of just using the name of the freaking car. Talk about vanity! If it wasn’t for KITT Michael would be a washed up detective.


In the Seinfeld episode “The Fusilli Jerry” Kramer accidentally receives the vanity plate “ASSMAN.” Suddenly, Kramer is getting attention from every woman with a big ass. Turns out the plate actually belongs to a proctologist.


Pete and Pete’s dad believes he is the “King of the Road” when it comes to his family road trips.  Sadly, best vanity plate he could get was “KING O FROD.”

4) BAT-1

Keeping with the name everything “Bat motiff,” Batman even got the license plate “BAT 1.”

3) THX-1138

Paying homage to himself, George Lucas gave Harrison Ford’s car in American Graffiti the name of his student film.

2) ECTO-1

The Ghostbusters called their vehicle Ecto 1. You have to wonder if there was ever going to be an Ecto 2?

[Ed note:] Uh….. The Real Ghostbusters’ Ecto 2


The most famous license plate came from Doc Brown’s Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future. And it’s available from

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