Essential Seven Star Trek Voyager EMH Doctor Moments

My favorite character on Star Trek Voyager was the EMH Doctor portrayed by Robert Picardo. A holographic character allowed the writers and Robert to explore an entire new direction in story telling. The Doctor could place himself in any environment, and change personalities with just a little re-programming. Of course, they had to invent the mobile emitter to get him out of the medical bay and holodeck. The Doctor was more than just  holographic projections manipulated by photons. He was a well written, defined character that had an Essential Seven Star Trek EMH Doctor Moments:

7) Takes Over Seven of Nine’s Body

From the Episode: Body and Soul
The Delta Flyer is attacked by aliens who hate all holograms. Can racism ever be stopped? Fearing destruction of his program, the Doctor hides himself in one of Seven’s Borg implants (editors note. on her face). For the first time the Doctor experiences arousal, effects of alcohol, and the taste of many slices of cheesecake.

6) Cures His Creator, Lewis Zimmerman

From the Episode: Life Line
Voyager learns that the creator of the EMH programs, Lewis Zimmerman, is critically ill. Hoping to save his life, Voyager’s EMH program is transmitted to the Alpha Quadrant through the Pathfinder project. Once there the EMH discovers that his creator is anything but pleasant. He really is a big giant asshole.

5) Doctor Rewrites History

From the Episode: Living Witness
In an alternative reality episode, the Doctor is activated seven hundred years into the future. He discovers that Voyager is gone, and that an aliens history claims that the “Warship Voyager” committed crimes against them. The Doctor defends himself and Voyager’s crew through the use of his memory. What he couldn’t change is how we all find Neelix annoying.

4) Writes A Novel

From the Episode: Author, Author
The Doctor writes a holo-novel about a holographic doctor who is treated like a slave. He submits the novel for publication causing his shipmates to resent him.

3) Discovering The Conspiracy

From the Episode: Latent Image
The Doctor discovers that his memory has been tampered with when he can’t recall ever doing a surgery on Ensign Kim. The Doctor discovers that the crew is responsible for deleting the memories, and demands that he has evolved to the point where he has rights.

2) Paints 7 of 9 Naked

From the Episode: Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
During a daydream the Doctor imagines that he is painting a portrait of  Seven of Nine naked. According to Janeway the Doctor has a knack in painting “he does the hands very well.” No word on how the boobs looked.

1) Emergency Command Hologram

From the Episode: Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
The doctor develops a program that allows him to daydream.  One of his daydreams involve the development of the Emergency Command Hologram that would allow him to take command in the event that the crew is disabled. When activated his uniform changes from blue to red with the additional rank pips appearing.

In the daydream, Voyager is being attacked by the Borg. The ECH orders the use of the photonic cannon, an imaginary weapon of mass destruction, impervious to sensors, and powerful to destroy a Borg sphere with a single shot.

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