Essential Seven Superhero Music Themes

Saving the day, protecting the public, and performing acts of greatness is a typical day of a superhero’s life. Visually watching a superhero on screen is exciting, but its not enough. Music and sound play an important role in enhancing the drama and emotion of a scene. Television and film have produced numerous memorable superhero themes. Browsing YouTube I identified the Essential Seven Superhero Music Themes:

7) Spider-Man Cartoon Theme

It’s corny, but the Spider-Man cartoon theme song told his story. Spider-Man does whatever a spider can including spinning a web of any size to catch thieves just like flies. Look out for him!

6) X-Men

The Marvel films scores have never been as memorable as the DC films. John Ottman changed that with the X-Men 2 score. Dropping the techno music from the first film, John introduced a traditional orchestra that added suspense, action, and triumphant heroic music.

5) The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer theme begins with a simple piano theme that slowly builds up  with emotion that is noble and heroic.

4) Greatest American Hero

“Believe It or Not” is probably my favorite television show theme song of all time. It was the perfect song for a superhero that just barely gets by. The song was a top 40 hit, and even appeared on George Costanza’s answering machine from Seinfeld.

3) The Incredible Hulk TV Series

Joe Harnell wrote the most depressing, sad, and lonely piece of music titled “The Lonely Man” theme. The Incredible Hulk television show used portions of this piano piece to help enhance how alone David Banner really was.

2) Batman (1989)

Danny Elfman’s crowning achievement is the Batman main theme. The theme was used for all of the Batman sequels and animated series. When Christopher Nolan took over as director of the Batman films his composers, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, used nothing from Elfman’s score. If I had to point out a flaw in Nolan’s work it would be that Danny Elfman’s theme was not used.

1) Superman

If you don’t count Star Wars, John Williams shining moment is the Superman theme from the 1979 Christopher Reeve film. Just like the Batman theme, William’s score has become so iconic that it would be hard not to associate it with any Superman project. John Ottman realized that, and made sure to utilize it for Superman Returns.

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