Essential Seven Thoughts on the Finale of Smallville

Sorry that this list is a few weeks old. I didn’t get a chance to finish it before I went on vacation. I’m glad I didn’t because it allowed me to re-watch the finale. Smallville was overall a great show. I loved the idea of focusing on Clark and his journey of becoming Superman. I just wish it didn’t take so damn long! For years the CW has teased us, standing behind their rule of no tights, no flight! Now that the show is over I have some final thoughts. For 10 seasons I have had a love / hate relationship with the show. That love / hate relationship concluded with the last episode. I didn’t hate it, but I have a lot of things that just felt wrong. I also had moments that fueled my love for Superman. Finally happy I have an extra free hour each week, here are my Essential Seven Thoughts on the Finale of Smallville:


7) John Williams Score

I can’t wait to see what Zack Snyder does with the new Superman film. However, just like Smallville, he needs to use the John Williams Superman score. No other score could ever compare. During the Smallville season 3 episode with Christopher Reeve, they introduced bits of the Williams score. It gave me chills. In the finale, they did the same thing. When he turned into Superman the music kicked up and it again gave me chills.


6) The Unbreakable Scenario

Clark and Lex’s last scene together was well done. Ten years of an on / off again friendship ended when Lex came to the realization that Clark and him were destined to be enemies.  They needed each other to fulfill those destinies. Lex needs Clark to be Superman, and Clark needs Lex to become the ultimate villan to become the Man of Steel.

5) Lex AS President in 2018? How?

Seven years after the finale, Lex has become President of the United States. Ok, sure just like in the comics, nice touch. There is a problem though. How? The President is elected every four years. That means we will have an election in 2016 and 2020. Was it a special election? Did a writer screw up? Not a big deal, but I found it strange.


4) No Whoa Moment!

Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a moment where we get everybody’s initial reaction to Clark in the suit? We saw Lois and Clark have a moment, but I would have loved to seen the people of Metropolis see Superman for the first time. What about poor Chloe? We see her tell her son about Superman, but she wasn’t given that final moment where she sees what Clark becomes.


3) We Never Saw Him Completely in the Suit

The writers and producers are giant cock teases. They gave us Tom in the suit, but not a full body shot. CGI far off shots gave a small glimpse of Superman, but I feel robbed of that final moment. Smallville had lots of cheesy moments. Give the audience one moment of a full body shot of Tom Welling with a billowing cape behind him. You owe us that much!


2) Clark Was Never Called Superman

The blur, the chosen one, and the man of steel were all used to describe Clark as a superhero. The one name left out was Superman! It’s never spoken. Why? It goes back to the producers and writers being a bunch of cock teases!


1) Was it Worth the ten Years?

That is the final question. Was it worth watching for 10 years? Not really. The show should have ended at the end of Season 7 when Michael Rosenbaum left. The journey took way to long. The villans were often lame as were the stories. I got tired of him always losing his powers each season. Clark started whining about his destiny near the end.

However, the show did have some great moments. I loved the General Zod season along with James Marsters as Braniac. I don’t think it was really necessary to watch for all 10 years. These last few seasons often slowed the show down. I don’t regret watching for ten years, but I don’t think the finale gave me what I was waiting for.

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