Essential Seven Who’s Better Debates (We Decide)

Who is Better?

If there is one thing that geeks are passionate about, it’s pop culture debates. This can be between competing characters or actors who have portrayed the same role. Determining who’s better is very important. To help settle theses debates, we have listed the Essential Seven Who’s Better Debates, and as an added bonus we also decided the winners. Our word is it!

7) Ewoks vs. Gungans

Ewoks vs Jar Jar

Before The Phantom Menace, the only complaint most Star Wars fans had was how much they hated the Ewoks. That was until George Lucas created the character of Jar Jar. Suddenly, the Ewoks didn’t seem so bad. Both races (Ewoks and Gungans) were the primitive culture compared to the Empire and Trade Federation. Both helped the good guys defeat the superior governments. While both stories are similar, its really hard to cheer for Jar Jar.
Winner: Ewoks

6) Connery vs. Craig

Connery vs Craig

I was very surprised by people’s reaction when Daniel Craig took over the role of James Bond. Variety proclaimed that “Craig is the first actor to truly embody the original James Bond from Ian Fleming’s novels.”  I’m not putting down Daniel Craig’s performance of 007, but it is just wrong to say that Craig is better than the original Bond, Sean Connery.  If you truly believe that Craig is better than Connery, you deserve a slap in the face. “That’s for blasphemy.”
Winner: Connery

5) Angel vs. Spike

Spike vs Angel

Most Buffy fans were saddened when Angel left after season 3. Buffy and Angels relationship was a key story line over the first three seasons. When he left, Spike stepped up as Buffy’s next love interest. I remember despising this idea. Leave is to Joss Whedon though to make it work. Suddenly, fans began to debate which vampire should be Buffy’s love interest. By the end of the series, Spike had proven that he was the vamp for Buffy.
Winner: Spike

4) Keaton vs. Bale

Keaton vs Bale

Numerous actors have portrayed the Dark Knight, but two actors have stood out above the rest. Michael Keaton was the first actor to give dignity to the role of Batman (sorry Adam West). After a few clunky films from Schumacher, Christopher Nolan cast Christian Bale as the next actor to don the cowl. Suddenly we had a good debate on the best portrayal of Batman. The biggest obstacle to get past is not comparing the films. The question that should be asked is who was a better Batman? As much as we love The Dark Knight, Michael Keaton shines.
Winner: Keaton

3) Aliens vs. Predator

Predator vs Aliens

After two crappy films and numerous comic book adaptions, fans still debate which alien race is better. I think the best way to settle this debate is to examine the different franchise’s. The Aliens universe has produced two excellent films (and a couple of crappy ones.) The Predator franchise had one decent film, but no good sequels. You can’t deny that Aliens is better.
Winner: Aliens

2) Joel vs. Mike

Joel vs Mike

The debate over which host is better has divided fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000. When Mike replaced original host Joel hardcore fans were outraged. The show however continued finding a new batch of fans, broadening the audience when the show moved to the Sci-fi Channel.  Most fans will choose which host is better based on when they discovered the show. The first episode I ever saw was Mitchell, the final Joel episode. So who is better? Well Joel is the original host, but Mike brought a new life to the show.
Winner: Mike

1) Kirk vs. Picard

Kirk vs Picard

The biggest geek debate of all time is who was the better Captain of the Enterprise? When the first episode TNG premiered the debate began. Over time, it was clear that the new Star Trek show could hold its own. Kirk is pompous, and is not really a team player. Picard is sometimes bold, but always listens to reason. It seems to me that Kirk was lucky. Picard is a better leader. If you were on the Enterprise, who would you want leading you? A guy who goes it alone and sleeps with green ladies, or a cautious yet take no bullshit attitude captain.
Winner: Picard

The Essential Seven is a weekly list of seven items that we at believe needs to be identified. Want our opinion on a topic for a future list? Email Lando Da Pimp. Don’t agree with our list? Then leave a comment. We will promise not to laugh at your dumb opinion! ;-)

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